Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Twisted & Spoiled, pt. 1

Lace, fishnet, satin & other eye-popping textures have been gracing my avatar - all thanks to Phia Vaughan, who, with her co-owner, Sampson Suntzu, are stepping up their creations in quality with those bigger named in Second Life. Their store, Twisted & Spoiled, offers both men & women a range of virtual fashion from apparel to hair & accessories. Ms. Vaughan was kind enough to give us a preview of products in-store for a quick review. These reviews will be done in parts - as there is much to review! 

In light of the New Years celebration, this first review will be over the Kiss Me..It's Midnite in both white & black.

Sexy, naughty, fun & festive are just a few words that come to mind while admiring this outfit. It's party style hints from the sequined/mirror ball-like textures. 
This outfit comes with many options - a common occurance in other TS outfits - love it!
There's a belt & no belt version; two skirt options, one mini & one near mid-length & the hat comes with an optional face light - genius!

 The black version of the Kiss Me..It's Midnite outfit comes with everything like the white version & it is just as gorgeous. The outfit is completely pulled together - keeping a theme of sequins, polka dots & feathers. It's unique cut reveals the torso and back diagonally but covers the goods in a non-overly sexual manner - giving the sexy factor a whole new boost of its own.

Another Outfit to consider & on the review list is the Disco Girl. Ready to party is what I felt as soon as I put it on! If you're not into skirts & love sequins - this outfit is for you. The texture is very good quality. It comes in 4 flashy colors: Gold, Bronze, Copper & Silver. It also comes with the bracelet pictured...which....ready? COLOR CHANGES! You will see that TS loves to accessorize their outfits for you & they do it well. This makes it easier for one-stop kind of shopping.

Have a great New Years everyone! More to come. Click here Stay posted on my flickr stream!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Adam & Eve Fashion Video :)

The time has arrived - the A&E fashion video is complete! 
/me takes a big breather. . . : )
I really tried to explore what all I could do for this particular video, special effects-wise. It took me a few hours to edit (in between free time), an hour to export & I'm not sure how long to upload b/c I was falling asleep waiting for it to. This is one of my longer clips for a fashion show - lots of great things to show as A&E is quite established in Second Life. Featured are A&E clothes, shoes & new skin lines. If anyone is familiar with Sachi Vixen & Damen Gorilla's work, he/she knows that much detail is included in their A&E products. I have much respect for these designers & I hope you consider checking out their wonderful store in-world. Without further ado, here is the clip:

What's Next? Second Wave Apparel's New Line!! Stay Tuned.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I Heart Hip Hop

I didn't get to see this year's Hip Hop Honors, but from the few clips I saw on YouTube it looks like it went well. However, they are challenged with having to top the best performance I've seen on live tv that came from 07's honor of the living hip hop legend, Big Daddy Kane. 
Big Daddy Kane, or Kane as some call him, is one of the most electrifying performers of his time. Kane is part of the grown folks music generation who contributed to the beginnings of Hip Hop - aka, "Old School." In the words of Steve Harvey, "[They] had songs that when you heard the very beginning your ass bout damn near blew up." The show lets current hip hop artists pay respect & tribute to the honorary by performing a medley of the honorary's songs. T.I., The Roots (awesome hip hop/rock band) & the also semi-legendary Common performed with a surprise performance by the legend himself - BIG DADDY KANE - he outshines the young artists - bringing back that old school flair that could get your granny out of her seat! Check the performance out & as one commenter leaves...

"thats old school, if you ain't old school, you really don't know what's happenin'....i'm old school to my heart, I'm not convertin' over..." 
- s. harvey

Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm FREAKIN out.Rage'd!!!!!

Well, not really! lol...I LOVE learning about new designers & new shops around the grid & seeing all the creativity everybody comes up with. Out.Rage by Delaynie Barbosa is one of those shops I've recently learned about! This outfit is sexy-casual & I can wear it from shopping to clubbing in seconds. The top not only hints to your cleavage with its plunging neckline, but it also gives a note of elegance with the upper clasp near the bottom of the neck. 


The MOST impressive part of this outfit? THE PANTS!!! They are hand-drawn by the designer. . . HAND DRAWN! That definitely shows off how much talent she has in my books! Now, I am a very picky person when it comes to virtual pants - these happen to surpass any of my pickiness... the sides are seamless, the pockets give a nice tight look to the butt & they slight flare at the bottom gives an overall clean & complete look. These pants can definitely translate well with various tops & accessories. Check the store out for more goodies <3 

*Big thanks to Tristan for letting everyone know about this great photo opp!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Adam & Eve Sneak Peek!

D&F Modeling Agency has teamed up with Adam & Eve! The shoot went well, as in there wasn't as much lag this time around - who can't be thankful for low lag on SL? Anyhoo, we had lots of models to capture in the beautiful outfits by A&E - this shoot lasting nearly 2 1/2 hrs! As always, everyone was VERY patient - in video making, you just have to be. 

Here are a few snapshots I was able to take before, during & after the taping! To hear (or stop) the music, just hit the sound icon on the top left :)

As always, STAY TUNED! The video is set to be released near the beginning of next week :}

Sunday, November 23, 2008

*Single Ladies SL Parody!*

Beyonce & Friends are in Second Life! Watch their latest music video below <3
This video is from a live screencast & not the final version. 
Click Here to watch: beyonce 2 or Beyonce 1
This was too much fun to make! Thanks to Tristan Micheline & Al Penucca for helping me make this! Be sure to click the title of this blog to see the RL parody from Saturday Night Live

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hope Is Here

Last night was amazing. America has elected its first President with African roots within the same century where African Americans were stripped of their civil rights & were not even allowed to vote. What a way we have come! I am so proud to see progress in our nation! 
The day was filled with much anticipation, nervousness & hope. I worked all evening long, helping to cover federal, state & local races, but there was only one race really on my mind, the nations & the worlds - that of who would be declared the next President of the United States.  I have followed both the Republican & Democrat campaigns since the beginning - last night felt like coming full circle for myself. I will say here that I am a Democrat, but I always try to put any biases aside to fairly consider the candidate of the other party, in this instance, John McCain. My decision was casted when I voted on election day, Tuesday, November 4th. I voted with confidence and I felt better than I ever have before while going through the voting process. . .I will never forget the feeling of being overwhelmed with joy when Senator Barack Obama was declared the President elect. To share one the most historic moments in modern history, you can watch this clip found where else? YouTube. Here it is:

Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Whole Quarter

I recently had a birthday. Honestly, I had forgotten it was coming. I didn't even try to trick myself to forget it was coming either, things were just too hectic in rl & in the meantime I was trying to handle the feeling of being overwhelmed as best I could - I found that it takes lots of steady breathing, an understanding mate...and fresh newbie snacks! A big thanks to my lovely, Tristan, for hooking me up with them :) When a co-worker pointed out to me my birthday was 2 days away I stopped what I was doing, stood upward and had a sort of a 'wow' moment. I always pictured myself embracing the older me, but when I realized I was on the corner of a quarter century, I sort of freaked out, mainly realizing that time is ticking away. . .As much as I didn't expect people to remember my birthday in RL (mostly because the main person, me, didn't remember) I really expected this birthday to just wash away & be uneventful. . .that is, until my friends called me up. Thank God for such wonderful people like them in my life. I couldn't ask for better friends and family. They really made that day my day. I am so grateful to have such caring people. My love, Wu, was also there in thoughtful ways, even in SL by getting me a little cake with sparkler candles. Bless the lord for him, as well. After the days end, the fear of turning another year didn't seem so bad and it just managed to fade away.

ETD Sale!

Yay! I'm happy to let you all know about the MAJOR SALE going on at ETD! You have a couple months to get there and stack up on wigs. 

Here is the info from ETD's blog:
It’s that time again….SALE time! This sale is a little different than most sales, because this sale involves ALL ETD items being marked down. Including AVEDA products and products already discounted. The sale prices range between L$5-L250.

Below is a general break up of the prices:

Hair Regular packs: L$30
Hair Tips/rainbow packs: L$40
Hair Combo packs: L$25--------\\\\\\o//////YAY\\\\\\\o///////
Hair Fatpacks: L$250
Clothing Prices: L$30
Clothing Fatpacks: L$100
Shoes prices: L$30---HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shoes Fatpacks: L$250
Accessories: L$30
Accessories Fatpacks: L$30 ---OMG!
There are some prices that are less than that. Discounted items are reduced down to L$15 and lower (fatpacks marked down to L$50)

The sale will last until December 26, 2008 at noon.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hot LaLa's Alluring Secrets

I spent the greater portion of my evening last night editing this video together - we had lots of great outfits, skins & shoes to show in the clip, making this clip the longest promo video I've done so far! I edited a couple tracks together on this, which came out not too bad. Check it out:

What's Next?
SWA, the Halloween special edition! *SWA's 1st video will be put back on YouTube soon!*

Monday, October 13, 2008

Bees Love Blind Melon

I love music. I love all different genres of music. There are songs you recognize. Songs you can barely remember. And songs you'll never forget. In the 1990's, Blind Melon released their single called, "No Rain," featuring a young girl in a bee costume, getting laughed off stage after performing a tap dance routine - she ran from the insulting crowd, embarrassed & feeling like she was alone in the world, that is until she found a place where she felt accepted, with others who embraced the yellow and black. As a young adolescent, I could relate to her and for that, this is one of those videos & songs I'll never forget & for that here is a small tribute to Blind Melon & the Bee girl:

bee girl tribute (Blind Melon - No Rain)

Sneak Peak: NEW SHOES!

So, I'm up late, working on a few things for the shops, half awake yet so wired - how that happens, I'm not entirely sure; nevertheless, I wasn't alone. The good 'ol FE group was right there with me, helping to ease the restlessness by poking fun at our odd doings. Then, Rowan Carroll, creator and owner of She's So Unusual Shoes, lets me in on a little secret - she has made NEW SHOES! AND! Not just any shoes, but sculpted snow boots! If I wasn't fully awake before, I sure was then! I quickly tried them on for size & I'm in love! The boots are a leopard print, but Rowan tells me they will be released in several colors and patterns, YAY! The release date is set for this Thursday evening SLT - make sure to stop on by and grab a pair - there you can find lots of other sexy, fun & even quirky heels/flats/platforms/sandals/SHOES! :)  She also has a 1L female ao worth getting.

She's SOOOOO Unusual!!
She's SO Unusual!

Off to make boot prints in snow!
Love, Tekila

SLink Works the Runway!

The talented and sweet Siddean Munro, CEO of SLink, joins D&F Modeling Agency in presenting her wonderful skins! The detail on the tooshies and stomachs make me weak, not to mention how gorgeous the lips look - so lush and kissable - and I'm big on detail & I always try to keep an eye out on how well the lips are made, corresponding to the eyes. 

More about the shoot! It took about 2 1/2 hrs. to film. We had a big crowd turnout. I even spotted some of the lovely ladies from FE! AKA, Fashion Emergency! The song we picked is called "Fashion Rules" by Chicks on Speed. I would've loved to play the whole song as originally recorded, but time constraints led me to chop it & remix it - I hope you like! I tried to make it as seamless as possible : )  Without further ado, here is the finished product:

And what's next you wonder? Hotla HooDoo's Alluring Secrets! Yes! IT WILL BE FIREEEE!

Love, Tekila :}

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Blogged =D

so I have this shape shop in the game & its finally being blogged about.
see the debut here:
-the only mistake- THE SLURL! here's the correct one:

woop woop!

SWA Video iss Here

Things have been Oooober busy - so busy that I haven't posted on my own blog in a while. BUT! I'm happy to share a part of what's been going on with me lately & first up: D&F Presents SWA!!! I finally finished editing this video - it took some time to get to amongst all the other things thrown my way - and waiting for it to upload for hours wasn't all that great, but it was definitely fun to sit back, relax and edit to an energetic song that I like. So, without further ado, here it is =)

And, I'm definitely loving this guy still. . .He keeps amazing's one of his latest:

Monday, September 1, 2008

A Kiss of Upgrade

Hello Oblivion!

Ever feel like making yourself over? I always do, especially since its so hard to keep a look before everyone else follows - it happens to us all I can only assume - thusssss! Tang & I went skin shopping! :))
Honestly though, I don't think it's too much of a stretch from our last skins. . .maybe in some of the leg detail and amy winehouse looking eyeliner.. :) but I must say this has to be one of my favorite skins, and tang's pixel upgrade doesn't look too shabby either hehe

In other topics...Part of playing second life is playing house/barbies all over again! I love dressing my avatar up, but it does seem a bit weird at times when I catch myself thinking "wtf am I doing, playing dress up?" But do little girls who grow into women really get over the whole playing dress up? I can't say I have...yet =F and it doesn't appear I'm alone on that

It kind of relates to wanting to be like celebrities...No, I don't want to be Britney, but I am planning on making a SL Music video with her in it sooN!!!! I can't wait, its a process and I intend to do it on my terms :)) Keep ya's my Britney version so far:

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Musica en Espanol

Si, yo hablo en espanol a veces. . .y a veces me gusta escuchar musica en espanol
I don't usually myspace, but I thought I'd check out some music pages when I came across the ad for a new latin artist. I, for one, love music videos. You can capture so much emotion with it, at least one side of it :) Anyhoo, this video/song/artist caught my attention tonight, check her out:

What Day is IT?

Mannn! So much has been going on in my little 'ol SL. I finally finished all of the 25 new gestures for my shoppy shop - I surprised myself - U'd be surprised how long I take on each one, making sure its just right, shooO! And thennnnnnnnnnn...I did a shoot with D&F, a friend's modeling agency. I love working for such professional people, it definitely makes MY job a lot easier..which is filming =) Shoots have grown to 2 hrs. long now that we have more lovely models to capture, so It's so easy to get distracted or get whiney - but did they? NOPE! What a great group of people :) I'll post the video when I'm done

For now, I'll leave you with what I ask myself everyday:
What was the best part of your day? 
What was the worst part of your day?
p.s. it is from the professor who recently passed, check his video out:

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sashay Betch ;x

I'll post pics soon, but thought I'd write a little entry about my first modeling gig with Reservoir! I saw a fashcon post about a model search for Reservoir, a cute edgy laid-back kind of shop, and of course I jumped on it fast! I was picked, along with 3 other lovely ladies, to model the latest Reservoir t-shirts! Here's a look at the tops I modeled:

Be sure to check out the store, there's definitely something for everyone!

Have a blessed day everyone :)) 

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Let's Have a Quickie

Seriously, this is a quickie before I head out to stuff my face & go to work ;)
So I was tp'd to Mirrors by my lovely friend, Iza
and mosied on into Mirai, bc lets face it - who can resist their locks? Not I! Butttt I kind've ended up goofing off and made a friend or two  but finally tried on some of their new hair - if you haven't checked them out - ya should - if you like big diva hair!


Then, I went on over to the lovely Swan Hotel, one of my favvy spots to shop and saw they had a marrrvelous bag for free!! Join the group, its a must have *salivates*


I'm off for now! Post more ramblings soon <3

Monday, August 25, 2008

Hair Fair, fair? Visit Locks of Love

Hello oblivion,

I just got done visiting the hair fair, at least a small part of it. It is 4 sims and quite laggy as expected. I'm kind of bummed though. I was really happy to read that 50% of ALL proceeds would be going to Locks of Love. . .but, sadly, that's not the case. The vendors get to pick which hair & how many it will donate. What saddens me is that there are wigs for 400L and it's not the hair that will actually benefit anyone BUT the vendor. Then alongside that is a cheaper less attractive hair that will donate 50%. The point seems to be some vendors have forgotten the purpose of this fair. It is to give hope back, and a sense of normalcy, to children who have lost their hair due to illness. When I see multiple vendors selling their products that do not help this cause, it angers me and saddens my soul. I went to the hair fair ready to spend as much as I could on hair intended for the cause. Instead, I have decided to simply donate to the kiosk themselves. That way 100% of my Lindens will go to Locks of Love. I hope you consider doing the same, too.

P.S.- There is great hair there, if you are to go I echoe many when I recommend you should detach everything and slip into something 'bare' ;) I also heard many demos are available through, just search 'Hair Fair'

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hell Kitty

IT nearly scratched my eyeballs out when i tried to pet it, but I still love the little demon kitty that perches on my shoulder. The cute little kitten was actually a recent gift from a good friend. So thanks for the little terror lol It actually acts a lot like my rl kitty, who is black and X amount of pounds now, too heavy for anyone to WANT to have laying on their shoulder. We're off to bed for now, have a great night all ❤

*MMMM* 'Frebs!'

Yahh, I'm soo into free stuff. This amazing mall was filled of things for 0L, from avis, wings, skins, clothes, hair, etc. I LOVE it when its really free and not a dollarbie - which there is nothing wrong with that, but if ads say FREE it better mean 0L! =) Anyhoo, I will get the name for you soon to this fab mall so anyone who wants can go collect the goodies themselves. Here's a few things that I picked up! 

This amazing skin is by Domestic V and was being given away for 1L!!! She also has a discounted room ;)

Tangoray all Day \o/

After working long and hard on building the new shape shop, Tang and I (mostly *I*) decided to take a break and go *SHOPPING!* He's such a good sport about going shopping with me. I guess he understands my little addiction to it. So anyway, off we went to look at some shoes! I kind of tend to wander off most times & this was no exception. But somehow Tang managed to keep up in a very creative way

Work it baby - Sashay! Hayy haha I've seen this frame/pose around but he just made it look so much hotter. But after a while it started to look like he wanted to pitch a loaf. So on we went. I finally bought a pair of shoes at Maitreya, theyre so yummy there. Maitreya is definitely nothing to mess with!!! SHOOOO! I'd post a pic of them here but i completely forgot to take one in the midst of grid-hopping ;x

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Okay. I shop. A LOT. Mostly in SL these days. I had an ongoing obsession with Stiletto Moody, oogling these studded heels - a must have in my books. Then, SM had a sale, and I am one big hooker on Broadway for Sales! Lookiee! I call it the Stiletto Moody Booty pic ;)

Then, I was out with Kendle, a new friend who I know is a keeper, too ;) AND Low and Behold this amazing dress that practically threw itself on me..or maybe vice versa. who cares, it screamed "TEKILAAAAAA, PUT ME ON BABY!" from across the sim.
Now normally I am against system skirts. They always end up disappearing and showing off my vajayjay. But luckily I followed one of the several notecards about how to rid the problem and VOILA! It worked and I nearly teared ;x

Wig My World Rezzable!

Okay okay! I'm trying to calm down *breathes in..and out*..Phew..! Ok. . .If you're a slave to fashion, like myself, you may have heard of the highly anticipated Hair Fair! It starts in two days and will be 4-SIMS-WIDE..That's a HUGE BITCH if I may say so myself =.=
AND, the part I love most about it is that 50% proceeds will go to Locks of Love. I have ALWAYS wanted to give to Locks of Love with my own RL hair, but I could never get it long enough without getting a mess of split ends. So, I am very excited to 1. contribute to the RL organization that does an awesome deed for others AND 2. Get great virtual hair by 90+ designers. It's such a win-win situation. Check them out if you have a chance, I'll post a slurl when I can get my little pixelated hands on one ;x

YouTube Freak

I'll admit it - I YouTube! Almost 3 months ago, I was feeling a little inspired to make my first SL film. I headed over to the incredibly impressive Rezzable's Tunnel of Light sim and went to town. A few friends joined in on the filming and this is what I got:

If it doesn't make sense, it doesn't matter lol. I had fun and I'm happy with how it came out, ghetto camera and all :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Introsss, Sorta ;)

Hey there. Thanks for stopping by. I've created this blog as my own personal diary for my virtual self in Second Life. I plan on making this a place I can come to write whatever without worry. 

My mind normally goes in multiple directions at a time. I'm always thinking about my next step/move/what have you. This has filtered into my virtual life in Second Life. I've made it a busy life to live indeed, but definitely nothing I would change so far. Thus, I need a bit of a breather at times and I'm hoping this will help me get it.

Enjoy the posts that are to come