Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I Heart Hip Hop

I didn't get to see this year's Hip Hop Honors, but from the few clips I saw on YouTube it looks like it went well. However, they are challenged with having to top the best performance I've seen on live tv that came from 07's honor of the living hip hop legend, Big Daddy Kane. 
Big Daddy Kane, or Kane as some call him, is one of the most electrifying performers of his time. Kane is part of the grown folks music generation who contributed to the beginnings of Hip Hop - aka, "Old School." In the words of Steve Harvey, "[They] had songs that when you heard the very beginning your ass bout damn near blew up." The show lets current hip hop artists pay respect & tribute to the honorary by performing a medley of the honorary's songs. T.I., The Roots (awesome hip hop/rock band) & the also semi-legendary Common performed with a surprise performance by the legend himself - BIG DADDY KANE - he outshines the young artists - bringing back that old school flair that could get your granny out of her seat! Check the performance out & as one commenter leaves...

"thats old school, if you ain't old school, you really don't know what's happenin'....i'm old school to my heart, I'm not convertin' over..." 
- s. harvey

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