Saturday, June 20, 2009

Donna Flora - Couture with flair

Designing clothes is not just about technique in SL - it's also about having imagination and lots of perserverance! Squinternet Larnia, owner & designer of Donna Flora, creates gorgeous outfits, jewelry, hair, skin, shoes and well! lots... Larnia's expanding collection remains impressive. Below are a few examples of her work, in which I have reviewed unbiasedly.

Outfit 1: Charlie
DF Charlie
Charlie is a 3 outfit in 1 ensemble. The skirts are all modifiable. The 1st skirt is flexi. The middle skirt is part sculpty, while the 3rd skirt is a prim. The textures do not blur when close up - one thing I tend to look for - and they look held together when zoomed out. The only minimal trouble area is the cute of the straps. However, this is not noticeable from a distance. Overall, a very nice ensemble.

Outfit 2: Gigi in Azur
DF Gigi in Azur
Gigi in Azur is fun, flirty and trendy. The puffy skirt is a modifiable prim. Jewelry & handbag are also Donna Flora items. This outfit comes with this particular hangbag. The texture on the sculpted purse is moderate in comparison to the texture detail of the rest of the outfit, but it manages to pull the outfit together for a complete look. The top and underpants come only in a shirt and pants layer.

Outfit 3: Ester
DF Ester
Ester comes with 2 skirt options: a mini skirt prim & a system mid-length skirt. There is one shirt layer option and 2 pant layer options only, depending on which skirt you choose to wear. The texture appears satin with diamond-type jewels embodying it. Donna Flora also offers matching jeweled heels. In many outfits, I have found Donna Flora keeps her outfits pulled together with a single theme. In this outfit, soft and shiny seems to be the theme with the satin feel and diamonds adorning the skirt and bow belt. Also pictured here, is hair by Donna Flora called, Danae, in blonde. The texture of the hair is rich - shiny- and of higher texture quality, considerably according to those found in SL.

Squinternet Larnia is definitely a designer to watch as she delves further in her designing ventures. If you are new to the game, low on lindens or just like a nice gift, Larnia has generously placed a few 1L items for all to have.

TP to Donna Flora

NEXT: Celtic style :)

lv, Tekila V.

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Hair Fair '09!!!!


OH YEAH BABY!!! The ever primtastic event, known as the Hair Fair, is near! And to boot, there is an awesome contest underway on SO! If you haven't made an account with Flickr, do not's a few things to know: It's free to make an account; if you have yahoo you automatically have flickr...just use the same ID and password to sign in; Flickr does have some photo editing features both for free and paid accounts; its easy and several SL members are already on the site sharing their shots. Soooooo! Hair lovers, photogs and the like, be ready to get creative and snap, photoshop, paint shop and so on away! Numerous talented SL designers are providing the prizes for best Hair Fair contest winners. You can find more details about the contest at:

Not to forget, if you've ever been to a Hair Fair in Second know that it can be somewhat laggy, almost excrutiatingly. Typically, if one is planning to attend, its most recommended that one should detach all prims from his/her avatar and even rid of any scripts (ie AOs, radars). This year, I decided to attempt to make my own skin, everything already 'painted' on ;) I'll let you know how it goes! Til then - stay tuned!

Lv, Tekila V.