Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm FREAKIN out.Rage'd!!!!!

Well, not really! lol...I LOVE learning about new designers & new shops around the grid & seeing all the creativity everybody comes up with. Out.Rage by Delaynie Barbosa is one of those shops I've recently learned about! This outfit is sexy-casual & I can wear it from shopping to clubbing in seconds. The top not only hints to your cleavage with its plunging neckline, but it also gives a note of elegance with the upper clasp near the bottom of the neck. 


The MOST impressive part of this outfit? THE PANTS!!! They are hand-drawn by the designer. . . HAND DRAWN! That definitely shows off how much talent she has in my books! Now, I am a very picky person when it comes to virtual pants - these happen to surpass any of my pickiness... the sides are seamless, the pockets give a nice tight look to the butt & they slight flare at the bottom gives an overall clean & complete look. These pants can definitely translate well with various tops & accessories. Check the store out for more goodies <3 

*Big thanks to Tristan for letting everyone know about this great photo opp!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Adam & Eve Sneak Peek!

D&F Modeling Agency has teamed up with Adam & Eve! The shoot went well, as in there wasn't as much lag this time around - who can't be thankful for low lag on SL? Anyhoo, we had lots of models to capture in the beautiful outfits by A&E - this shoot lasting nearly 2 1/2 hrs! As always, everyone was VERY patient - in video making, you just have to be. 

Here are a few snapshots I was able to take before, during & after the taping! To hear (or stop) the music, just hit the sound icon on the top left :)

As always, STAY TUNED! The video is set to be released near the beginning of next week :}

Sunday, November 23, 2008

*Single Ladies SL Parody!*

Beyonce & Friends are in Second Life! Watch their latest music video below <3
This video is from a live screencast & not the final version. 
Click Here to watch: beyonce 2 or Beyonce 1
This was too much fun to make! Thanks to Tristan Micheline & Al Penucca for helping me make this! Be sure to click the title of this blog to see the RL parody from Saturday Night Live

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hope Is Here

Last night was amazing. America has elected its first President with African roots within the same century where African Americans were stripped of their civil rights & were not even allowed to vote. What a way we have come! I am so proud to see progress in our nation! 
The day was filled with much anticipation, nervousness & hope. I worked all evening long, helping to cover federal, state & local races, but there was only one race really on my mind, the nations & the worlds - that of who would be declared the next President of the United States.  I have followed both the Republican & Democrat campaigns since the beginning - last night felt like coming full circle for myself. I will say here that I am a Democrat, but I always try to put any biases aside to fairly consider the candidate of the other party, in this instance, John McCain. My decision was casted when I voted on election day, Tuesday, November 4th. I voted with confidence and I felt better than I ever have before while going through the voting process. . .I will never forget the feeling of being overwhelmed with joy when Senator Barack Obama was declared the President elect. To share one the most historic moments in modern history, you can watch this clip found where else? YouTube. Here it is:

Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Whole Quarter

I recently had a birthday. Honestly, I had forgotten it was coming. I didn't even try to trick myself to forget it was coming either, things were just too hectic in rl & in the meantime I was trying to handle the feeling of being overwhelmed as best I could - I found that it takes lots of steady breathing, an understanding mate...and fresh newbie snacks! A big thanks to my lovely, Tristan, for hooking me up with them :) When a co-worker pointed out to me my birthday was 2 days away I stopped what I was doing, stood upward and had a sort of a 'wow' moment. I always pictured myself embracing the older me, but when I realized I was on the corner of a quarter century, I sort of freaked out, mainly realizing that time is ticking away. . .As much as I didn't expect people to remember my birthday in RL (mostly because the main person, me, didn't remember) I really expected this birthday to just wash away & be uneventful. . .that is, until my friends called me up. Thank God for such wonderful people like them in my life. I couldn't ask for better friends and family. They really made that day my day. I am so grateful to have such caring people. My love, Wu, was also there in thoughtful ways, even in SL by getting me a little cake with sparkler candles. Bless the lord for him, as well. After the days end, the fear of turning another year didn't seem so bad and it just managed to fade away.

ETD Sale!

Yay! I'm happy to let you all know about the MAJOR SALE going on at ETD! You have a couple months to get there and stack up on wigs. 

Here is the info from ETD's blog:
It’s that time again….SALE time! This sale is a little different than most sales, because this sale involves ALL ETD items being marked down. Including AVEDA products and products already discounted. The sale prices range between L$5-L250.

Below is a general break up of the prices:

Hair Regular packs: L$30
Hair Tips/rainbow packs: L$40
Hair Combo packs: L$25--------\\\\\\o//////YAY\\\\\\\o///////
Hair Fatpacks: L$250
Clothing Prices: L$30
Clothing Fatpacks: L$100
Shoes prices: L$30---HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shoes Fatpacks: L$250
Accessories: L$30
Accessories Fatpacks: L$30 ---OMG!
There are some prices that are less than that. Discounted items are reduced down to L$15 and lower (fatpacks marked down to L$50)

The sale will last until December 26, 2008 at noon.