Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Today's SL Breasts

Boobs, jugs, fun bags - whatever you like to call them, they have once again regained prim popularity in Second Life. Currently, there are 3 main contenders producing prim breasts, including Mused, Lolas and Ecorp. But what's the difference from each? Who has the most realistic and who doesn't? And, why should I spend my $L on these? These are all questions I have had for some time, until I ran into the Modern Lady: Fashion for Breasts blogger, Tayla Arado (shown below).
Tayla Arado

Here's our little Q and A:

Me: How are the current prim breasts different from those in the past?

Tay (tayla.arado): Three years ago we didn't have clothing options and what we did have was so poorly made it looked bad, Now we have so many options

Me: And, with this change, what do you think needs to happen from this point in time?

Tay (tayla.arado): I think that designers need to open their minds, Its a common misconception that prim breasts means trashy or that you have to be nude all the time. I think that we should view these just as we did prim feet, they are to make our avi better!

Me: What are the differences between each store?

Tay (tayla.arado): Mused has two kinds, one is just a normal kind, the other is milk maids, milk maids are options for lactation and you have to constantly milk them or they get "diseased" It will often times cause you to buy all new boobs or the healing potion for them, the other mused are nice however! Also, they have updated their system to apply clothing to them no matter what kind of applier you have, so clothes are easily worn

Tay (tayla.arado): Lolas have Push ups and Naturals. Naturals are hardly ever used thus clothing ehhh its questionable on how that will look. Push-ups look the best, they have the most clothes. every designer has these, they are the best! Lots of options for clothes lots of skin appliers you don't have to worry about them getting diseased they are reliable

Tay (tayla.arado): Ecorps, they jiggle which is AMAZING! they also do lactation However... they look like two basketballs underneath your shirt, they don't look real there's no way to get them to look real, theres clothes for them though! But no skin appliers so your constantly be coloring them to your skin like prim feet

Me: Can you sum up why should women really be interested and enthused by this product ?

Tay (tayla.arado): I think women should be interested in this product because it gives us a sense of realism, no more lumpy breasts, we create a more smother us. The image of female beauty soft and smooth.
Tayla went on to mention that the prim breasts are resizeable, meaning they can be set to however big or small the consumer desires, while still maintaining a more natural look.

For more, visit Tayla's blog.
To visit the mentioned stores:
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