Thursday, May 14, 2009

**Hairrr Affair!**

Okay...i'm guilty! I've been sneaking on SL every night to shop for hair!!! All kinds of hair...especially hair in hats and have I found some yummy ones! Aside from that....I was kindly informed of a newer Japanese beauty salon called, Cri-Cri. The hairs are very cute...but what caught my attention was the many options each hair comes with! Right now, Cri-Cri offers group members an awesome 4 pack of 4 different hairs with countless options to style each doo to your liking - and yessss, there's two hat versions!! In store, I did the 20 minute camping chair and received an awesomeee bag that comes with poses and an AO! It's majorly cute and comes with animated poses to boot. This shop owner is mighty generous! Have a look around if you're in the mood for hair shopping - I definitely recommend it :) Pic below with the goodies!


TP to Cri-Cri

Not to forget! Apple May Designs is spring cleaning & several marked outfits are only 75L! Not sure when it ends - def. worth checking out though :)

-Skin is by Rockberry, group gift

Couture designer to come! Stay posted!

Lv, Tekila