Sunday, October 31, 2010

Today's Gifts & Events! ^.^

Happy Halloweennn! It's so good to be back on this ghoulish and gobblinny day - there are several events happening all around the grid - so, I thought I'd recap what there is and what's going on in the SL fashion world this trick or treat day.

Halloween Group Gifts & Specials:
*Miel - Sexy 'Pumpkin Raider* tube dress
*Idiosyncrasy - 10L Skin
*Olive Juice - 20L Trick-or-Treat Gatcha Pales
Trick-or-Treat Gatcha Pales!
Olive Juice and several others are participating in the 'Hide and Seek Trick-or-Treat Gatcha' event, located here.
*TresBlah is releasing these new fun skins for the Stumblebum Brigade:

JEM SweetPea Honeybunny Check out The Stumblebum Brigade starting here

Stores Closing/Merging/Re-Openings:
*Dekade is closing its doors. Skins & Packs are on mega-sale! Never fear though...Dekade is only merging with the CheerNo brand : ) ..p.s...there is a free lady hair out at CheerNo now!

*PiDiddle has a new mainstore & is holding a mini-hunt. You're looking for 5 pumpkins!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Halloween Hunt = Goodies!

Where curiousity for the unknown lurks, the sense of fall season lures us in, just in time for Halloween. Sloth arms, monster masks, Dia de los Muertos skin & a sexy nurse costume are just a few items you can find at one of this year's first Halloween hunts, rightly called, the For the Love of Halloween Hunt. The entire concept design of the sim its held on, and the hunt prizes themselves, are nothing short of genius. Gray-scaled with a crazy octupus theme throughout, this sim definitely sets a spooky mood (be sure to listen to the music). In this hunt, you'll be looking for a gray maple leaf for the free prizes - and I'll give you a tip - some items are in the store, but most are outside of the store ; )

Not to forget - the vendors have made everything super affordable! There are several items for 100L and less, Oot!

TP to For the Love of Halloween Hunt!