Sunday, July 26, 2009

70% Off @ Bliss Couture =oO


Bliss Couture has been one of my favorite stores to get gorgeous one-of-kind gowns. Amutey DeCuir's creative designs and texturing has been seen in some high ranking SL pagaents (Miss SL Universe, to name one). Amutey's gowns, shoes & other clothing make me feel as feminine as I can be. Congratulations Amutey for reaching 10k members! I will post the group gift shortly for you all to see : ) Feel free to drop by Bliss Couture in the meantime *warning* it is pretty laggy!

TP to Bliss Couture

BC continued. . .!
Here are some examples of gowns that you can find at Bliss Couture! I am wearing the 1L group gift that you can find in store (middle)

Here are more awesome gowns you can expect from Bliss Couture in the near future : )...*ah* they just keep getting better...

luv, tekila vella

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Hell yeah...I love pink - is it still the new black? Hasn't it always been?! This isn't so much of a review, rather its me buying oodles of yummy pink stuff in-world and me wanting to share it with you all! There's some new shops in this post - at least shops not so blogged about, and yes, some that have been blogged banged already. No photo doctoring, as usual. So enjoy & happy shopping :)

Go from the being Out & Late night Lingerie
(Left to Right)

1. Bikini Time! Courtesy of Doux Petit Dahl - out now! This is the Zebra kini. I'm wearing hair from (fd), better known as Fashionably Dead. I feel dead sexy in this one! DPD definitely has great stuff out at the moment.

2. Just shopping and feeling good in my pink get up found at the *50L Sale* at Pink Outfitters & Cherry (shoes)! I believe that sale ends at the end of this month, so in other words - run! The quality of the textures are very well designed. Hair is by Pacadi Jasha, Roos in mocha. Earrings by P!NK !NC.

3. Lingerie can get to looking all the same: 2-piece with garter, lace and so on....This one piece called, Lambini in hibiscus, does have lace, but is subtle, laying along the satin look of this one piece. It is from Pacadi Jasha - the sim is full of great hair, skins, clothes, shoes & accessories of all great texture/design quality. And yes, one of the main designers used to own Maeva prior to the partnership. :) Hair is by Posh, Lolli Sexy Buns in blonde.

more details
Skin * Vive9 * Miranda Glow Juice NB Skin
Tattoo * Iren * Fleurs du mal

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Not only do the creators of Entropy share a love for one another, but they also share a love for the quality and the process of design. Dirk Ingmann & Whisper Stella are budding fashion designers, collaberating together to put out a selection of shoes, skirts and accessories. Below is an ensemble called, Celtic Plaid, featuring a few of their items:

Celtic Plaid, baby!

I'll say it first in the blogosphere - these boots are hot! The high rise of the heels gives the overall boot a lengthy look, which compliments the legs. The detail of the thick strings covering the upper foot & ankle, as well as, the lace wrapped around the boots, appears to have been constructed with time & skill. The boots come with ivisiprims & the texture holds solid when zoomed in. Not to forget, the boots come with flexi tassels in the back that shimmer in local lighting. The boots come in a variety of colors - this color is called, Myst. The mini skirt comes with two different attachable options: one for the pelvis & the other for the stomach. The quality of the textures are as good as the boots and matching bangles.

Entropy has also recently joined other SL designers across the grid for the upcoming Satisfashion Hunt, starting August 1st - August 31st. Also available in-store is Midnight Mania.

TP to Entropy

lv, Tekila Vella

Other Items Featured:
Hair by Posh. . .Hair Fair item, "Alice is Emo" in Charcoal
Skin by Vive9 - not yet released

NEXT: Pink !!!!