Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hot LaLa's Alluring Secrets

I spent the greater portion of my evening last night editing this video together - we had lots of great outfits, skins & shoes to show in the clip, making this clip the longest promo video I've done so far! I edited a couple tracks together on this, which came out not too bad. Check it out:

What's Next?
SWA, the Halloween special edition! *SWA's 1st video will be put back on YouTube soon!*

Monday, October 13, 2008

Bees Love Blind Melon

I love music. I love all different genres of music. There are songs you recognize. Songs you can barely remember. And songs you'll never forget. In the 1990's, Blind Melon released their single called, "No Rain," featuring a young girl in a bee costume, getting laughed off stage after performing a tap dance routine - she ran from the insulting crowd, embarrassed & feeling like she was alone in the world, that is until she found a place where she felt accepted, with others who embraced the yellow and black. As a young adolescent, I could relate to her and for that, this is one of those videos & songs I'll never forget & for that here is a small tribute to Blind Melon & the Bee girl:

bee girl tribute (Blind Melon - No Rain)

Sneak Peak: NEW SHOES!

So, I'm up late, working on a few things for the shops, half awake yet so wired - how that happens, I'm not entirely sure; nevertheless, I wasn't alone. The good 'ol FE group was right there with me, helping to ease the restlessness by poking fun at our odd doings. Then, Rowan Carroll, creator and owner of She's So Unusual Shoes, lets me in on a little secret - she has made NEW SHOES! AND! Not just any shoes, but sculpted snow boots! If I wasn't fully awake before, I sure was then! I quickly tried them on for size & I'm in love! The boots are a leopard print, but Rowan tells me they will be released in several colors and patterns, YAY! The release date is set for this Thursday evening SLT - make sure to stop on by and grab a pair - there you can find lots of other sexy, fun & even quirky heels/flats/platforms/sandals/SHOES! :)  She also has a 1L female ao worth getting.

She's SOOOOO Unusual!!
She's SO Unusual!

Off to make boot prints in snow!
Love, Tekila

SLink Works the Runway!

The talented and sweet Siddean Munro, CEO of SLink, joins D&F Modeling Agency in presenting her wonderful skins! The detail on the tooshies and stomachs make me weak, not to mention how gorgeous the lips look - so lush and kissable - and I'm big on detail & I always try to keep an eye out on how well the lips are made, corresponding to the eyes. 

More about the shoot! It took about 2 1/2 hrs. to film. We had a big crowd turnout. I even spotted some of the lovely ladies from FE! AKA, Fashion Emergency! The song we picked is called "Fashion Rules" by Chicks on Speed. I would've loved to play the whole song as originally recorded, but time constraints led me to chop it & remix it - I hope you like! I tried to make it as seamless as possible : )  Without further ado, here is the finished product:

And what's next you wonder? Hotla HooDoo's Alluring Secrets! Yes! IT WILL BE FIREEEE!

Love, Tekila :}