Thursday, March 19, 2015

Skin Fair Must-Sees!

Just 10 days left to check out this year's Skin Fair!

As mentioned in my previous post, there's lots of great skins for him and her. Here's a look at a few more skins that are just too nice to not miss!

NM Kyrin Skin Fair 2015
  • ::NM:: - Kyrin by Jade Glazner
    • Kyrin is a gorgeous skin by Nar Mattaru! Kyrin comes in 8 tones, ranging from pale to toffee with 4 color brow options per tone. Included with each skin are 4 brow shapers, and, not to forget... several eye shadows and lipsticks are available in both light and dark versions to help better customize your look.
    • Appliers: Cute/Phat Azz, Maitreya, Tango, TMP, WowMeh, Slink Physique

  • Skin that are Honorable Mentions, Close Ups and Body View:
Skin Fair '15 Faces

    • Top Left to Right, then Bottom Left to Right
    • New Faces - Brittany in Summer (black brows)
    • -Birth- - Daisy in Treacle Natural & Cream Natural & Butter Natural
      • Aria in Honey, too
    • [PUMEC] - .:KAMILLA:. in Autumn (brown brows)
    • DS'ELLES - Elsa in Sun & Medium
    • Glam Affair - Katra in Jamaica
    • ^^Swallow^^ - Roberta in Peach (black brows)

For more info on the Skin Fair 2015, check out their official website!

Happy Shopping Everyone :)
.lv tekila v.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Skin Fair 2015: SKINS!! :)

Ahh! 'Tis the season to slip on something new and say bye-bye to your past fave skins and appliers! The question this year is not, "What's there to like at this year's Skin Fair?" ... RATHER, it's what's not to LOVE at this year's Skin Fair! What's really cool about this year is that there is something for everyone. There's exclusive skins for him and her in a variety of themes, tats, makeup options AND lots of appliers for the ever-evolving mesh avatars.

There's also a lot of faves back, like Glam Affair, Essences, Belleza, and Tuli - just to name a few - but there's surprisingly lots of newer stores with great finds, too! I had the pleasure of trying on just about every skin at the fair this year and I've narrowed my lengthy list to my Top 6 Picks (because 5 is not enough) in no particular order! Check them out:

Shown Left to Right

  • Pink Acid - Doretta in Latte ... by Stasey Oller
    • Comes with Teeth & Cleavage Enhancer; Makeup options available
    • 6 tones in all: Butterscotch, Ivory, Mocha 2, Mocho Choco, Peach and Latte
    • Appliers: TMP, Phat Azz, Lolas, Loud Mouth, Baby Bump, Nyam Nyam, Physique, Slink, Soul Kissers, Loud Mouth, WowMeh 
    • hair by analog dog
  •  .::WoW Skins::. - Ilenia in Golden ... by sawsan SecretSpy
    • *Exclusive skin and PXL Lips Appliers ... Locate on Sim 1
    • Natural makeup + 5 others with Cleavage options, Shape available, No Brows, Brow Shape available, 3 brow colors - Blonde, Red and Black per skin tone.
    • Appliers: Baby Bump, PXL Lips, Maitreya, Slink Hands & Feet, A Mesh Body, Phat Azz, Belleza, Lolas, Omega
    • hair by lelutka - colleen in bournville
  • Plastik - Immortalia in Gaspare (femme) ... by Aikea Rieko
    • Male version available
    • Makeup shown: Lip Stripe; No Brows; Darker Lips ... Eyes: Haunt Collection - Blind Trauma
    • Comes with Eyebrow Shapers, Face and Body Freckle options, Several Makeups, 
    • Appliers: Freckles, Phat/Cute Azz, Baby Bump, Belleza, Brazilia, Ghetto Booty, Lena Body, Lolas, Loud Mouth, Lush, Maitreya, Omega, Perfect Bum, Sinful Boobs/Nips, Slink All
    • hair by analog dog
  • Ooh-la-licious - Shahira in Peaches and Cream ... by Oohlala Sassoon
    • *Exclusive skin ... Locate on Sim 2
    • 11 Tones in all, 30 lipstick options, cleavage and beauty mark options, hairbase layers
    • Appliers: TMP, Baby Bump, Brazilia, Ghetto Booty, Lolas, Maitreya, Phat/Cute Azz, Slink Feet, Hands and Physique
  • Pink Acid - Doretta in Peach ... by Stasey Oller
    • Comes with Teeth & Cleavage Enhancer; Makeup options available
    • Appliers: TMP, Phat Azz, Lolas, Loud Mouth, Baby Bump, Nyam Nyam, Physique, Slink, Soul Kissers, Loud Mouth, WowMeh 
    • hair by analog dog
  • Elysium - Anja in Latte ... by Aleida Rhode
    • Makeup available: 12 lipsticks (matted and glossy), 10 eyeshadows
    • Appliers: Love-N-Lust, Lolas, Sking, Maitreya, Slink, AMD, Loud Mouth, TMP, Lena Body, Brazilia, Phat Azz, Eve Mesh Body
    • Tones: Chai, Deep, Latte, Light, Pale & Sunkiss
    • hair by lelutka - sheena
  • Plastik - Immortalia in Silvano (Femme) ... by Aikea Rieko
    • Male version available
    • Makeup shown: Freckles - light, Glossier Lips
    • Eyes: Haunt Collection - Blind Trauma, others available
    • Appliers: Freckles, Phat/Cute Azz, Baby Bump, Belleza, Brazilia, Ghetto Booty, Lena Body, Lolas, Loud Mouth, Lush, Maitreya, Omega, Perfect Bum, Sinful Boobs/Nips, Slink All
  • Zoul Creations - Della in 04 ... by Shantia Soulstar
    • 10 Eyeshadows with up to 3 shade levels, 10 Lipsticks with up to 3 shades each
    • No Brow option on skin, 10 Tones in all
    • Appliers: Phat Azz, EVE, Lolas, Omega, SLink Hands, Feet & Physique, SweetLips
    • hair by spellbound - ellie
Skin Fair runs Fri, March 13th - Sun, March 29th
As always, be sure to de-lag your avatar before heading into either of the 2 sims - YES, 2! If you just want to get the demos without being at Skin Fair, you're in luck! Join the Pale Girl Productions group, for free, and check the notices to get ALL demos shared by designers.

I can't go on without saying that I'm always so impressed with the amount of detail and seamlessness each skin designer has achieved within their work - it's a talent that is tedious and I'm just in awe of their gift. So thank you designers, creators for bringing life and beauty to our Second Lives. :)

More to come on this great event, including Honorable Mentions!

Stay Tuned
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other ... bikini by - Stripper ... most eyes by tsg - mori ... lashes by damned ... poses by psycho:byts

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Secret Affair

I've never been to The Secret Affair event before and I DON'T KNOW WHAT I WAS THINKING! Clearly, I wasn't. There's so many creative and well-made items up for sale -  I just kept saying bye-bye to my Lindens and hello to pretties!

I was feeling so inspired I just had to take a quick shot of some of the goodies i got:

The Secret Affair

Skin by The Skinnery, Meysha November Moon in toffee
Headpiece by =Zenith=, Gypsy Devine Wreath

Explore The Secret Affair if you can, I highly recommend it (ladies & gents) ;)

.lv, tekila v.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Jewelry Fair Pritties!

This is my first time in a very long time that I've gone to a SL jewelry event, and I have to give it up to Pale Girl Productions for really putting together a solid showing of talent and uniqueness! I'm super impressed with not only the design of the work creators have put in, but also the originality.

Below are a few more goodies I just had to get at Jewelry Fair 2014, enjoy!

Goth1co - Samantha Bracelets in black & Reckless Claws by Keishii Roo
original mesh bracelet that comes in more color options
claws made for Slink Casual Hand, but adjustable for any

JF Zombie Mix JF Goth Bracelets

::Dress by DeeTaleZ - Mesh Tunic (this month's Collabor88), Hair by Ayashi - Ima, 
Pose & Throne Prop by Project Puppet Poses - Zombie G3 gift::

ieQED - 5 pearl necklace by Sigifaust
comes in several other colors; hud-controlled for color-change and resizing

balls on my neck <3

::Hair by Tableau Vivant - Gloster in Equinox::

.aisling. - Papilon Mimic Earrings
Kunglers - Metallize Ring in Onix

Ring, ring...
Here's a map of all the participants and where they're located for your planning purposes:

I hope you have as great of time as I've had so far!

Remember, de-lag honey and check back here for my next picks ;)

TP to Jewelry Fair 2014 tekila v..

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Now Open: Jewelry Fair 2014!

The sim may be busy but you can always be ready to get your shop on! The amount of scripts is limited this first week, so be sure to de-lag as much as possible (think Skin Fair/Hair Fair lag).

There's a total of 50 stores, all featuring exclusives, with faves like Kunglers, 22769, [sYs], ieQED and more!

Here's a sneak peek at a couple of my top picks:

[sYs] -IDIOME necklace (full) - Cool Silver
~also comes in gold; other words offered (ie LOVE)~ 
hair by Truth = Candy in Light Brown w/fade 04, Top: Ison - leather shape corset in silver. pose by Project Puppet Poses: 16-7

[sYs] - AXIOM necklace & bracelets in gold
SyS Axiom Shadow
~comes with resizer hud~ 
hair by aikea.rieko (past Fantasy Festival gift), Pose by Project Puppet Poses: 16-6

For more on the event itself, check out the official website.

Stay tuned for more top picks ;D tekila v..

Friday, September 12, 2014

COMING SOON: Jewelry Fair 2014!!

I'm SO excited to share all the goodies I found at this year's Jewelry Fair 2014 :) I'm like a kid in a candy store. There's, or course, lots of bling, but also lots of never-seen-before exclusives, sold only at this fair! Here's a sneak peek for you all:

COMING SOON. Jewelry Fair 2014


Want early access to Jewelry Fair 2014? Just join the Pale Girl Productions group in-world, for free, and get 24-hours all to yourself before the rest of the world tps in! Join the group here:

In the meantime, get your avi ready for a fun time, de-script yourself and throw on a good 'ol fashion system outfit ;) If not, you face being thrown out from the sim since the first week will have script limits!

-xoxo, tekila v.-

Friday, July 11, 2014

Hair Fair Preview!! Dos!!

It's part doux of my picks for this year's Hair Fair, just opening in a moment.. ;) Check out some do's you should definitely check out:
Hair Fair Preview Picks 2
  • Top Left: (Milana) - Karen II in light blondes
  • Next to Milana - Exile - Young & Beautiful, mesh
  • Bottom Left: /Wasabi Pills/ - Midori in Ash, mesh
  • Middle: Exile - Blown Away, mesh
  • Top Right: [MAG] - Lux in Ombres 02 hud, mesh
  • Bottom Right: /Wasabi Pills/ - Barbara in Ash, mesh
.lv tekila v.

Hair Fair PREVIEW!!

Well it's that time that I start sharing some of my personal faves at this year's Hair Fair - due to open to the public in less than 2 hours from now!! ;) I hope you have your lag-free outfit ready AND of course those Lindens!! You'll definitely need them with alll the goodies @ this fair (oot, OOT!). Okay, okay - without further ado... here is my first batch of faves in no particular order:
Hair Fair_Top Picks Preview_WoOhOoo LEFT TO RIGHT
  • .Olive. by Naminaeko - the Alice Hair, mesh
  • MOON {Hair} by Silent Acoustic - Ninth Ave Reverie in Naturals, rigged & non-rigged mesh included
  • Analog Dog by Queue Marlowe - Ring in dark blondes, mesh, hair bases available
  • [^.^Ayashi^.^] by Ikira Frimon - Ima, rigged mesh
To TP to each booth directly just click on the listed names above ;)

Don't forget, your contributions go directly to the awesome children with Wigs for Kids!
Happy Shopping my loves!

.lv tekila v.

Also shown

pose: Posetivity - cleo5
skin: Glance
eyes: [Buzz] Faerie Eyes - Chocolate


This year marks the 9th year residents of Second Life have gone mad over virtual hair but with good reason! Hair Fair 2014 boasts exclusive styles in which part of the proceeds benefit children who participate in Wigs for Kids, a program that provides wigs for children who suffer hair loss due to medical reasons, including chemotherapy and severe burns.

"Over 2 million children are affected by hair loss," according to the program. This bridging of SL and RL is one way the virtual community is helping make a positive change in the real world. And it's the smallest smiles who benefit.
It all starts this Saturday, July 12 - Sunday, July 27, spanning over 4 sims! There's 'wigs' for men and women so expect some lag. To help with it, be sure to dress down to simple clothing layers and leave the scripts behind.
You can also join the official (AND FREE) Hair Fair Demo Group in-world:
If you're not shopping for hair but you'd still like to show some love, you can always participate in Bandana Day, held the last day of the fair. Just purchase a Hair Fair bandana and wear it around to show your
support :) Each bandana is custom-made and sold exclusively at this event.
With so many sims and so many hairstyles to choose from, I'll be bringing you a few of my top picks so be sure to check back soon for more!

For more event info, visit Hair Fair's official site.
And for more on who it helps, visit Wigs for Kids.

.lv tekila v.