Monday, February 16, 2009

Exposed in Blacklace!

Designer Mariska Simons of Blacklace is giving us more by dressing us in less. Below are two sets in review. *NOTICE* No pictures have been tampered with, they are straight shots to bring you the best visual of their naturalist look.

The First Outfit
Eye-catching, the first word that comes to mind. Simple uses of the two colors, pink and black, are bringing the outfit together. The pink, bringing eyes right to the top as they move down to the sheer mini skirt resting along the seams of the low rise panties. This set comes with the gloves & stockings. The fishnet stockings are reminiscent of the vintage pinup era. For the pervs and designers who love to see you zoomed in, the quality of the texture appears a bit pixelated & some edges rough. Zoomed out, the quality appears higher & has a double-taking status.

The Second Outfit
Can any other stockings be as sexy as the vintage pinup style? I'd love to see! These thigh highs compliment the rest of the outfit, which is a high cut one piece brought together by lace, tied up in a corset manner along the midsection. It also comes with open ended gloves, which also tie up via lace, giving fingers room to play if one so chooses. The cuts on outfit 2 are much cleaner, front and back. There is wrinkle detail along the front, giving it a more realistic feel. The variation of blue highlights and black are used nicely to give the impression it is of leather material. The rhinestone detail is a bit pixelated and I can only assume they are rhinestones. Again, zoomed out it appears of high detail, and zoomed in the detail is still there, though not as high as it can be. Overall, it's sexy, sassy & enticing.

TP to Blacklace

<3Tekila V.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Doux Petit Dahl

*UPDATE* Grand Opening is today, all day! That's Friday the 13th! :)

*mmm* I love skins, dresses, jewelry, food, bright colors, fun makeup and and and..this new store in Second Life called Doux Petit Dahl which is covering it all. . .DahliaJames Gossipgirl is a new designer to SL. Visiting her store is refreshing with all the splashes of color carrying over with her creations. I stocked up my inventory with the fresh releases & here a few of the goodies I found:

First up:
*Green Machine Skin in Tone 5, there are several tones to choose from, 150L for singles
*Lime Striped Cardi Vest, Only 1L and comes in several colors & layers
*Sad Rainbow Skin in Tone 5

*Sweetheart Dress in Richer Darker, Also comes in a variety of colors
*Toast Necklace, Chain comes in different colors
*Retro Vinyl 3 Seater, Fun prim/sculptie couch with 3 different poses

Last, but surely not least, the Bluesy & Bluesy Faded skin in Tone 5
*Cupcake necklace, comes in 2 styles, one with spikes & one without
*1L Striped Cardivest

There's lots more at the shop, I believe the official grand opening is soon. I will update you all when the info. becomes available. But I'm pretty sure you can sneak on over anytime.
TP to Doux Petit

Lv, Tekila

Wild Style

D&F expands their film department! Its very exciting to see where we all can lead this new venture. Below is the premiere film, featuring April Looming's Wild Style Fashions depicting her latest design inspired by Final Fantasy. Watch it here first! *Drumroll*

Lv, Tekila