Monday, August 25, 2008

Hair Fair, fair? Visit Locks of Love

Hello oblivion,

I just got done visiting the hair fair, at least a small part of it. It is 4 sims and quite laggy as expected. I'm kind of bummed though. I was really happy to read that 50% of ALL proceeds would be going to Locks of Love. . .but, sadly, that's not the case. The vendors get to pick which hair & how many it will donate. What saddens me is that there are wigs for 400L and it's not the hair that will actually benefit anyone BUT the vendor. Then alongside that is a cheaper less attractive hair that will donate 50%. The point seems to be some vendors have forgotten the purpose of this fair. It is to give hope back, and a sense of normalcy, to children who have lost their hair due to illness. When I see multiple vendors selling their products that do not help this cause, it angers me and saddens my soul. I went to the hair fair ready to spend as much as I could on hair intended for the cause. Instead, I have decided to simply donate to the kiosk themselves. That way 100% of my Lindens will go to Locks of Love. I hope you consider doing the same, too.

P.S.- There is great hair there, if you are to go I echoe many when I recommend you should detach everything and slip into something 'bare' ;) I also heard many demos are available through, just search 'Hair Fair'

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