Monday, October 13, 2008

SLink Works the Runway!

The talented and sweet Siddean Munro, CEO of SLink, joins D&F Modeling Agency in presenting her wonderful skins! The detail on the tooshies and stomachs make me weak, not to mention how gorgeous the lips look - so lush and kissable - and I'm big on detail & I always try to keep an eye out on how well the lips are made, corresponding to the eyes. 

More about the shoot! It took about 2 1/2 hrs. to film. We had a big crowd turnout. I even spotted some of the lovely ladies from FE! AKA, Fashion Emergency! The song we picked is called "Fashion Rules" by Chicks on Speed. I would've loved to play the whole song as originally recorded, but time constraints led me to chop it & remix it - I hope you like! I tried to make it as seamless as possible : )  Without further ado, here is the finished product:

And what's next you wonder? Hotla HooDoo's Alluring Secrets! Yes! IT WILL BE FIREEEE!

Love, Tekila :}

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