Monday, January 31, 2011

Limited Skin & Sales!

Hey there everyone! A few time-based events to tell you about that are going on right now in the SL fashion world...I'm so excited about the new Adam n Eve skin named, Laurel. And, right now Laural in Natural Cupcake is available for a very limited time - well, until tomorrow to be exact - for just 150L. Laural comes with a cleavage and no cleavage version, and several makeup layers.
And, for all those who love good quality and sales - look no further. Pink Outfitters is having a retirement sale, putting everything set to retire at 50L. Sale ends midnight tonight!

Last, but certainly not least, I just wanted to give a big shout out and thank you to Pixel Mode who just gave its subscribers this awesome gift, the Lady T heels in Jaguar:
I especially admire the back ankle & heel detail!

TP to Adam n Eve, TP to Pink Outfitters, TP to Pixel Mode

Also Shown,
lingerie, adam n eve
eyes, ina centaur
pose, anamations

More to come! Stay tuned.
Lv Ya! Tekila V.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fantastic Finds!

I just want to commend our designers in Second Life who make it affordable to splurge on great products! It's seems like such a rarity to find a truly incredible deal, gift and/or dollarbie while out and about shopping. My photo below features just those kind of deals from designers who I feel are on the consumer's side of saving! Good looking out!

Not only is this hair awesome - it's an absolutely free gift by Dark Mouse. That means it is actually 0L and *YES* its a fatpack!! *Pauses for everyone to take that in for a second* Next…How amazing is this skin? It’s from a new skin shop that just opened called, Change. It comes with cleavage and hair base options, /me smiles for that. And, drumroll please! My entire outfit is by a little shop called, Guarded Teens, and it’s only 75L..NOTE: this outfit does include hair and shoes, too, but is not shown above* Guarded Teen has several other ensembles for the same price and come with just as much! Last, but certainly not least, the super awesome Sonata boots are a new release from Dilly Dolls and they too are only 75L a pop!! Lv these products!

TP to Dark Mouse ... TP to Change ... TP to Guarded Teens ... TP to Dilly Dolls

Luv Ya, Tekila V.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Boots!

Hello out there blogosphere! Here's to hoping that you're having a wonderful Sunday night...Tonight, I'm sharing with you new boots that have something in common with me... my name - Tekila! They are sequined and are McQueen-inspired (or Miss Gaga, if you prefer). I snapped so many shots in them it was hard to pick which to use to show you all! Check them out:


They just so happened to go well with the sequined outfit I have called, Copper Tone. Luckily, you can find both the shoes and the outfit at the same place - Butterfly Effectz!

TP to *BE*

I also wanted to note the skin I'm wearing. It's from a store called Iconic by Nicole Button. This store is closing and the skin shown above is one of three that is still available until it's gone for good. No set date when the store will close; but, never fear - Ms. Button is starting a new store - Opening date unknown, as well.

TP to Iconic

More to come - stay tuned!

Luv Ya!
Tekila V.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy Rez Day Gift!

Much love goes out to my friend and owner/designer of Butterfly Effectz, LadyCatherine Fairey, on her 3rd year SL Rezz Day!! In celebration, she's giving all her group members a 100L gift card! Check out the outfit I got with it - it's called Personality - which it definitely has! I plan on wearing it whenever I'm in my party/pretty mood, like tonight : ) TP to Butterfly Effectz

Happy Rezz Day to LadyCath & Us!
I'm also sporting the latest prezzie from Chop Zuey - it's a pretty silver bracelet adorned with pale purple diamonds.
Luv Ya, Tekila V.