Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Tired of re-doing your shape because it doesn't quite fit the mesh standard? Tired of having your inventory full because of all the mods you've already made? Tonight...someone special informed me that mesh is going auto! But.........it's only a preview of the future. Right now, the creators of Jamman Jewels and Accessories are offering their latest release, Ultra Mesh Rigged Fingernails, with the ability to auto-size the nails to your avatar's hand!

Auto-sizing! What an idea! No more trying to fit you avatar with the mesh - no more hassle! At least, with these. Be on the lookout in the near future for the rest of the mesh community to convert to this new system of consumer-convenience that, quite honestly, should have been considered in the beginning.

However, I digress, better late than never! : )

Lv, Tekila V.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Deals and Freebie Love

Second Life is always full of great finds. This weekend only get a beautiful purple maxi dress by the incredible store, Apple May Designs, for only 25L... regular price, 250L!! It's quite the deal, and purple being one of my top favorite colors, I simply couldn't pass this up.
4th of July Nexxt are the incredible poses by Elephante Poses. Right now, get a pack of 5 poses catered to American's 4th of July celebrations called, Party in the USA! It's only 90L, right now, at Perfect Wardrobe. Elephante Designs has lots more going on around the grid, so be sure to join their subscribe-o group, in-world today!

Where is that second outfit from on the right you ask? Why it's a *free* group gift  called Lisa from SLAVE. It can currently be found in the latest/greatest group in-world that lets you know about everything free and fab in SL, called, sl frees and offers. It's free to join  and designers directly let you know about what's up for grabs in their stores. And...they even give out free gifts in the group itself. After you join, be sure to check the notices for recent gifts, while they last!

Love, Tekila V.

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Minds from the creators of beloved clients like Firestorm, Exodus, Catznip and Linden Labs are joining forces to create a viewer that allows clothing to be seen like never before! It's very exciting if you a) love fashion and/or b) create it! Still in it's beta stages, the future Materials Project Viewer enables 'normal and specular maps on Second Life objects.' HUH, you say?? It means fashion items will be higher quality with options to make them shine and have a bump texture. Check out the demo video from Leezu:

For more on what it is, what it does and how you can design for it, click here.

.love, tekila v.

Friday, May 10, 2013


It's no secret I LOVE SKINS! And this store is simply named, well.. Skins - I like it! Right now get this group gift called Naomi. She comes in 3 tones: pale, medium and summer:
SKINS Naomi May GG
The group is free to join.

Have a lovely day everyone!!

Lv, Tekila v.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Last Day: Cosmetic Fair!!

Soooo..*drumroll* it's the last day of Cosmetic Fair!! That is Tuesday, April 30.. Sad? Don't be - there's still hours left in the day..that said, here are my final faves in no particular order:
Here I am, fresh-faced, no added on makeup. Again, I ask that you use this as a reference to compare the other pictures to...no photoshop, just the real deal (skin = al vulo - aisha)!
6. MONS / Makeups ... Smokey Eyeshadow in chocolate ... Comes in 10 vibrant, but cool colors. On the right is their Amazon Eyes shadow shown in lime. It's a heavier eye shadow, making it more dramatic and both are definitely a high quality pick!
7. Kooqla ... Spaghetti eyeliner ... A very shimmery, ready to party/dramatic eye makeup which I think would look great on any skin (realistic or soft).
kooqla cosfair
8. elymode makeup ... Confetti-ish eye-shadows ... Comes in bold, bright and soft with 6 colors respectively.. This makeup is also very fun and well-done! If you want to glam it up a bit or are ready for a night out, then this makeup is a must-have in your bag.
elymode cosfair
9. BOOM ... Pick up Liners xtra thick - Dramatic ... A nice thick black liner every gal/guy should have in their inventory - lets face it, its just an essential! And BOOM does a great job giving it a reflective quality on the upper lid.. A winged-tip version is also available.
BOOM Pick Up Liners
10. .LXB. ... Striking (eyebrows) ... Comes with very thick eyebrow options and, as we know, thick brows do grant lots of added character to the face and overall ambiance to an avatar. Again, I see this as an essential to have in your stock! This particular set comes in 4 color/thickness options (black and brown) and offers a brow shape (not shown).
There's so many other great makeups available @ the Cosmetic Fair at this time - so be ready to shop!

.Lv Tekila V.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cosmetic Fair 2013!

Oh my! Okay..did you hear..Cosmetic Fair is going on and it ends NeXt Tuesday, April 30!! Man..where does the time go?!?! There are so many fabulous designers participating in this year's event it's insane.. Seriously, I tried to pick my top *5* picks for you but that is only where I leave off today... Everyone is really showing their talent..and if you love makeup as much as I do, then go now and don't miss this year's Cosmetic Fair!

Before I show you my likes, here is a fresh-faced me! No fancy photoshop edits - just raw shots here.. So let this be a guide to show you the difference of each product:

Here are the start of my top faves and why I love them thus far:

1. Oceane ... Dee Full Makeup - Cat (fatpack) ... Comes with 9 options from Army, Black, Cerulean,
Chocolat, Copper, Green, Grey, Purple and Red.. Plus an alpha for system lashes .. This makeup is very dramatic and reminiscent of a Mac-type makeup! It really gives a great deal of style and accentuates natural features, enhancing everyday contours of the eyes and lips.
oceane cosmetics final
Eyeshadow only can be purchased separately, for mix and matching purposes!
2. Shakeup! ... Sessie Lip gloss Dual ... 6 lip glosses plus add-ons: pout lips, teeth, teeth with gap (shown in 2nd pic) .. Very high quality add-ons and the Dual takes a matted upper lip and matches it with its corresponding glossy lower lip. The combination of the styles gives this lip look a very abstract and fashion forward feel.
Shakeup CF13_final

3. Rozena ... A very natural-looking selection: Baby Gloss v2, comes in citrus, hot pink, purple and scarlet..and it's now one of my most faves because it's so soft yet realistic looking!!
rozena baby gloss
4. Pink Acid ... Ultra glossy in beautiful spectrum shades of pink and natural hues! It comes with teeth options on select items. With such a big variety, you'll definitely have the hardest time finding another avatar like yours with any combination of their makeups!
Pink Acid final
5. .Pekka. ... Metalic under eyeliner - Turquoise ... fatpack comes with 14 colors, high quality keeping it simple yet sexy.
Pekka Underliner final
More to come, stay tuned!
.lv tekila v.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Kawaii Goodies!!

Hey everyone!! Hope you are doing fantastic. There's lots going on around the grid -but when isn't there, right?! This year's Kawaii Fair is nearing an end as the month of April finishes up. So if you haven't been, then I definitely encourage you to because there's so many great designers, known and unknown. And, there's also lots of nice items set out as specials exclusive to this event, like these:
Kawaii Free Dollarbies
~ Skin, 1L by Modish … Lotus – East, comes with cleavage option.
~ Hair, 0L by Yulicie … Simplicity – Brown
~ Pose, 1L by //elephante poses// … Cold Water, 3 poses and 1 prop (watering can)
~ Also shown, Mesh Dress, Group Gift by ‘Lil Lace (99L joiner fee!)

.Lv, Tekila V.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pose Fair!!

With over 60 vendors that are all about poses - you are bound to find something amazing at this year's Pose Fair - even if you weren't looking! It started just yesterday and will run 'til April 14th (only 2 weeks!). Poses are really so much fun because it's not limited to single static poses - nope! There's friend poses, couples poses and most come with props, like these ones from Elephante Poses:

1. "Call Me Maybe" ... This is a fun, playful set, it comes with 6 poses centered around, what else - a mesh celly! 
2. "Leaving Through the Window" ...this is an art/photo lovers pick I'm sure! It lets you be more creative with people wondering why they didn't think of creating something like this already! The window frame is color-changeable (script driven). There's also 8 poses scripted in it, too!
window pose fair final Pose Fair Fun Prev 2final 
These are just a preview..Of course, Elephante's friend poses are also fun - made for 2 avatars at a time, and they can work for either males or females. The couple poses are more intimate - so if you're looking to get closer to your special someone, then definitely check them out!

xoxoTekila V.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Dollarbie Bunny Ears!

Happy early Easter everyone! 

Get 5 sets of bunny ears for a dollar, here.
dollaribe bunny ears My 1st Bunny Ears
xoxoTekila V.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Skin Fair Top Picks: Pt. 2!

The countdown is on... only a week left for this year's Skin Fair! Where does the time go?! ..As I said before, there's definitely some amazing and unique skins, and all kinds, too. So without further ado, here is the second installment of some skins I think are definitely worth checking out:

1. Store: **SHINE**       Designer: Love Foxdale      Skin: Anela
SHINE_SF13 final
Anela is a beautiful natural looking skin that highlights the better assets. It comes in 4 tones: Deep Tan, Tan, Pale and Ultra Pale. I picked the 'natural' makeup to show you. It gives the Anela face a soft look. I especially admire the darker the tone the rosier the blush and lips become. There's also 3 cleavage options and 5 makeup options (on skins already).

2. Store: MONS       Designer: Ekilem Melodie       Skin: Cat
MONS SF13 WS final
Cat is an exotic 'hot mama' skin. Her body is toned, but not overly, still giving her a very feminine look. Cat comes in 3 tones: Light, Bronze and Tan, each with different brow color options - so she could definitely look good in just about any hair you choose to wear, be it blonde, red, black, etc. Ekilem has also included 3 brow bases: dramatic, exotic and sexy. And, there's 4 makeups (on the skin already) called dark, smoke, soft and spring!
MONS SF13 CUfinal

3. Store: *Step Inside*       Designer: Lany Jun       Skin: Runa
Runa is a great skin because of all the detail. There's shine in the right spots that match the face and the body perfectly. There's 4 tones available: Dark, Tan, Normal, Rosy Pale... Each tone is based on eyebrow tint and cleavage options... Runa also comes with an assortment of tattoo/makeup layers. There's 15 eyeshadows, 5 blushes, 1 layer for freckles (love!) and 9 lip color options! So definitely lots to play with that will give you a very unique and customized look. 

4. Store: ND/MD       Designer: Moonlay Laval       Skin: Eboni - darkest
HMM WS SF13 final
HMM CU SF13 final 
It's sometimes very challenging to find a darker tone with any decent detail..I'm convinced this is one of the best skins out there for anyone looking to have a very unique one-of-a-kind skin in all SL! 
Eboni Makeups final
Eboni comes in 3 makeup options: brown, copper and plum. There's a cleavage option (undershirt/tattoo layers), pubic hair options and Lolas/Tango appliers! There's 2 versions of each skin with and without a hairbase and the eyes called Asabi are even included. Def. a must try... Also be sure to check out their mesh avatar, Tahira


.lv tekila v.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Skin Fair 2013 Is Open!

Skin Fair is now open!! LMs and maps below.. Also, be sure to make your avatar as lag-free as possible, but please no nudity ;) 


Happy Shopping!

.lv, tekila v.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Skin Fair 2013 Top Picks: Part 1!

You read it right! Skin Fair 20-13 is here! ...I hope you're as excited as I am...because...this time around..there are Over 80 designers participating! Stores like Tuli, Belleza, Tellaq, Glance, JesyLilo, Amacci, Modish, Logo, Envious and so many more, including ones you may have never even heard of or set eyes on.. pretty exciting if you ask me.

So Skin Fair starts this Friday, March 15 at 12:01 AM and lasts 17 whole days 'til Sunday, March 31. It'll span over 2 sims.. so you can definitely expect that both will be jammed packed.. In other words, please de-script and de-prim yourself before heading in. I'd like to add that this year it's policy to do so as the organizers are really trying to keep this wonderful event as lag free as possible... They've included a free 'lag-free' outfit in the Skin Fair 2013 and Skin Addiction groups in-world.

Now.. to the skins! ..I'm so fortunate to be able to preview some exclusive Skin Fair skin lines and I'm starting with a few of my top picks! First Up..
1. Store: ::Modish::       Designer: Ele Brandi       Skin: Zelf
Comes with cleavage options, and I personally love the detail and body shading plus the innocent, subtle sexy look of the face - check out those lips!

MODISH Skin Fair 2013
Modish Skin Fair Close Ups

2. Store: Envious Creations     Designer: Sayanicole Cuttita     Skin: Saya 
This skin is sexy on the body with a sweetheart face. Shown with Saya Eyebrows 02 in the beautiful complexions in pale, tan and light tan.


3. Store: Ooh-la-licious       Designer: Oohlala Sassoon       Skin: Barbie Girl - Amaretto
A sassy skin that comes with 7 lip glosses ~ buy any tone and get Vivid lip gloss free. Each includes a hair base option or you can wear it as a separate - lots of options to play with keeps this line unique.
Ooh_Full Body ooh_lip_glosses

4. Store: [BLUSH]     Designer: Marie Whitfield     Skin: Mabel Skin Dark - Amazing Look
Check out these luscious lips! Mabel is available with several matching brow and no brow options, freckles for dark skin and 22 makeups already on the skin. It also comes with an 'enhanced' version where the breasts are full.

I'd like to mention that this skin fair offers a variety of skins for children, men, fantasy, kawaii ..and it also features mesh bodies and body parts!

The location will be announced closer to the day of and I'll definitely have that and maps up for everyone when I get them - so be sure to check back. And for Part 2 of my top picks!!

To find more information on this event just head to the official Skin Fair 2013 blog.

*note: I have in no way enhanced the skins shown above, all were taken in-world as is*

.lv, tekila v.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Now I am loving mesh, but it is hard to find jeans... at least jeans that keep it round in the rear (know what I mean?!) See...I don't mind having a flat butt in sl but when I can get a nice round butt I go for it! And that's why I'm so glad to tell you that Butterfly Effectz just released their Booty Pop mesh jeans! Check it out:
They are currently 199L a pair, so pop on over to BE to try a demo!

.lv, tekila v.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Get your SALE on!

They're here today... and that's right...gone forever the next! Several sales are taking place across some of my all-time faves stores, like The Body Co. and Cheeky Pea who will be retiring certain creations, very soon.

I've always admired the extremely lovely detail of Body Co. skins but always held off getting one, 'til now (I know, bananas right?!). The Body Co. will be retiring all skins after the sale. So grab them up while you can for - GET THIS! - 50 - 75% off! Pretty amazing... I got my hands on these lovely ones:

Retirement Sales!! (left to right: Chocolata - hair (extra light ebony)  .. Lilac (06 Tan) black hair ... Orchid (05 Sunkissed) - black hair )

You not only get the skin in each pack you buy, but you also get the corresponding shape which makes this an even sweeter deal. And, please note, this sale is not in their main store, it is at The Warehouse!

Cheeky Pea is also moving forward and saying bye-bye to all their sculptie products in-world as they head toward being all mesh. Find these items for 50% off for a limited time, 'til they retire to the marketplace.

Happy Shopping :)
lv, tekila v.

*Also Shown
*Hair - Diana by Burley
*Dress - Color Block Corset Dress.Turquoise. by RaMa RoWanberry
*Necklace - Cloe in bronze by Lagyo (TDR Fusion, Current item)
*Lashes - Rio Show Girl Anz by Angel Rock

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Color-Changeable CLOTHING! ..YES!

As you know I love bringing you the very latest in Second Life fashion design so just imagine for one second when I feasted my eyes on a female avatar whose clothes started changing colors....! I literally thought I was seeing things - 'til it kept going on. So I had to ask what was going on?!  Well the answer led me to find out there's a new trend already hitting the mesh market, starting with the vision of designer/creator Kimberley Zsun, owner of KzD'sign... Because I had to know all the details, we ended up having a little Q and A and it went something like this...

Q. Tekila Vella: so why make clothing and shoes color changeable? and when did you start?
A. Kimmy (kimberley.zsun): i make clothing because i like to be busy and make exclusive creations. I started 2 years ago

Q. Tekila Vella: what makes this product so special?
A. Kimmy (kimberley.zsun): it has an auto-color menu built in that can be started and stopped, works with 3 speeds or people can choose static color handmatic, the glow and bright and shiny can be set on newer outfits also

Q. Tekila Vella: who is this product for?
A. Kimmy (kimberley.zsun): it has mutliple users like cyber/scifi clubbers, party people, general and mesh like users
Check out this montage video to see a preview of her creations and the hud that makes the magic happen:

In the outfit I'm wearing, there are also shoes and nails available that also, yup - color change!! : )

Personally, I've always wondered, where will mesh take us next - what would BE that next level, and I believe Kim has found it! Definitely stop by her store to check out the many mesh outfits she currently has out available..

lv, Tekila V.