Saturday, March 29, 2014

*NEW* DJ Pose Set!!

DJ's rock our bodies every night in Second Life! Right now, Project Puppet Poses has just released a fabulous pose set for all professional and aspiring DJ's on the grid! SO, you know they rock it and what better way to capture that than with 10 different poses that show the DJ in action, check it out:

The color of the musical notes are color-changeable and it even comes with a micro-mini audio-wavelength robot on the speaker! Even the DJ headphones rez as part of the set. So it's definitely worth checking out right now!

.lv, tekila v.

Sunday, March 23, 2014


What a year it has been! And, what an event better than Skin Fair? This is the best year for number of participants, so if you've been looking/needing/wanting a skin upgrade, then this event is for you. It's only here for one more week. There's 3 sims of creators to browse and shop from.

Here is my final picks of this marvelous and wonderful experience:
The Plastik by Aikea Rieko

Plastik Skins Plastik WS Skins
  • Astrali in tyvalo, jaxis and gyatala
-Comes in 4 tones: (tyvalo not shown)
-24 makeup layers
-10 Slink Nailpolishes
-8 eyebrow shapers
-5 Face makeup enhancers: eyebrows; gloss; shadows

[LoveMe] Skins by June Salmson

LoveMe skins
LoveMe Skins WS

  • Amber and Kimberly, tan and deep tan
-3 skins each; light/dark brows and lipstick option
-Makeup layers: cleavage options and beauty marks
-Shape included, modifiable
-Exclusive to Skin Fair 2014
-Appliers Available: Slink hands and feet

There are so many more places that are definitely a must-see! So be sure to check out the event while it lasts. 

For maps and more, just head to the official Skin Fair 2014 website.

Love you all, happy de-scripting - muahs!
lv, tekila v.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Skin Fair Countdown starts...NOW!

There's less than 2 weeks left in this year's Skin Fair 2014 -not gone yet? Well, time, unfortunately, is ticking. There's so many great shops to stop by. This year is Skin Fairs biggest ever. So there is definitely something for everyone. I'm here to help  narrow the great options down. Today, I'm starting with a skin shop that has a rep as having some of the nicer, softer skins in Second Life...

.::WoW Skins::. by sawsan SecretSpy
WoW Skins SF2014

WoW Skins WS Yuki
  • Yuki, bronze
  • Luna, tan
-Yuki Tones: Milk, Dark Tan, Dark 1 and Bronze
-Luna Tones: Milk, Tan, Dark Tan and Bronze
-6 makeup options with cleavage/no cleavage options on skin
-2 Freckles options
-Brow Shaper & Mod/Copy Shape included
-Appliers Available: Phat Azz/Ghetto Booty, Lolas, Slink hands and feet and Slink Mesh Head
(*NEW - EXCLUSIVE to Skin Fair 2014*)

Ab.Fab Skins by Tessa Foresight
ab.fab cu skins Ab.Fab WS
  • Daenerys 
-3 tones: Fair, Honey and Sunkissed
-Comes with Eyeliner makeup
-Eyebrow Shaper
-Appliers Available: Lolas
Grab the demos and be sure to de-script before heading out : )

More to come, as always, check the official Skin Fair 2014 website for more info.

Stay tuned!
Love, Tekila V.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Skins that make You Drool!

As you know, I'm here to bring you the best of this year's Skin Fair 2014. Here's a couple skins you might of missed, as there's 3 full sims of skins, the largest amount of shops participating ever in this fair. Here are two shops you should definitely visit while there:
{Dead Apples} by Soleil Reid
Ari, summer
-10 brow options, on skin
-Freckle options: Body freckles, face freckles, rounder cheeks, soft freckles (all tintable)
-4 lipstick options: Cold, Warm, Strawberry Red, Vampy Red
-3 brow shape options
-Appliers Available: Phat Azz, Lolas, Slink hands and feet
-Shape by ChicChica, Dina
-hair by Truth
DEAD APPLES brow and lips options 

Dead Apples Body 

Mimi's Skins by Mimi Duffield
Alize, tan and fair
-Cleavage option on skin
-Cleavage dehancer (makeup layer)
-Brow/No brow options on skin
-2 eyebrows: blonde and ginger (makeup layer)
-Shape available (not shown)
-hair by Exile
Mimi Alize Skins

mimi alize

For more information, LMs and more, just head to the official Skin Fair 2014 website.

As always, stay tuned - more to come!
.lv, tekila v.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Skin Fair 2014 is OPEN!

That's right, the time has come, and yes...goodbye Lindens$$! Skin Fair 2014 is officially open for business and this year is the biggest one yet! But before you go - or wait to get in - it's best to be as prepared as possible and that's why this is now Part II of my top picks!

There's so many talented designers on the grid that it makes it really hard to pick and choose! Each skin shown is equally amazing, and I, of course, recommend you try on the demos at the very least!

Pink Acid by Stasey Oller
Pink Acid FIRST SKIN Pink Acid First Skin WS
  • Anakoi
  • Anakoi (Asia)
-Debut skin (Congratulations!)
-5 tones: Cream, Peach, Butterscotch, Mocha and Chocolate
-Freckles option on skin
-Lipsticks shown: Apricot & Jam
-Natural Beauty Mark Mole, makeup layer
-My Realistic Prim Teeth, comes as an attachment with alpha layer
-Prim Lashes (top shown): "Mascara On My Lashes"
-Appliers Available: Phat Azz, Lolas Tango, Slink hands and feet, TheShops Mesh Head
-hair by fashionably dead
Ooh-la-licious by Oohlala Sassoon
  • Marilyn in Amaretto
-Exclusive to Skin Fair
-9 tones available
-20 lip gloss options on skin
-Cleavage option on skin; cleavage minimizer on clothing and tattoo layers available
-Modifiable celebrity shape for regular shapes or ones with Phat Azz (not shown)
-Appliers Available: Phat/Cute Azz, Brazilia Butt, Lolas, Slink hands and feet, TheMeshProject mesh head
-hair by Analog Dog
-This Retro Glam Swimsuit is also included with appliers, for free!

Dulce Secrets by Annealyce Maertens
  • Paola
-5 Tones: Bisque, Cinnamon, Copper, Fawn and Sugar
-2 Cleavage options on skin
-Appliers Available: Slink hands and feet

 Remember to take off all scripted items and dress simple so you don't miss out or lag out.

To find more info on Skin Fair 2014, visit their official website.

Stay tuned, more to come!

.love, tekila v.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Skin Fair 2014: PREVIEW Part I

Skin Fair 2014 starts this Friday, March 14th and runs through Sunday, March 30th. Just a couple weeks to make your way through 3 jammed-pack sims full of fresh skins from all over the grid! This year is co-sponsored by The Mesh Project. Which means you'll find several *new* appliers for The Shops mesh head! It's a very exciting time and before and during the event I'll be bringing you a preview of skins definitely worth checking out.

Let's begin with my Top 4, in no particular order:

Zoul Creations by Shantia Soulstar

Skin Fair: Zoul CU 3 tones
Skin Fair: Zoul WS 3 tones
  • Cara, Tone 1, Light Brows-cleavage, Lips 01
  • Melli, Tone 4, Dark Brows, Lips 06
  • Robyn, Tone 7, Light Brows-cleavage, Lips 03
-7 tones per skin ... -10 Eyeshadows & 10 Lipsticks ... -2 Brow & Cleavage options on skin
-Appliers Available: Phat Azz, Lolas Tango, Slink hands and feet
-shown with lelutka hair
Mystic Canvass by Lara Darkbyrd

Skin Fair: Mystic CU Anika Naimada Skin Fair: Mystic Canvass Anika_Naimada_WS 
  • Anika, Kissed GS
  • Naimada, Tan GS
-2 Cleavage & Eyebrow skin options (other tones available)
-Bonus Shape
-Appliers Available: Phat Azz, Lolas Tango, Slink hands and feet
-shown with truth hair
[ iren ] by Irischka Hotshot

Skin Fair: Iren CU Molly Tessa Skin Fair: Iren WS Molly Tessa
  • Molly, Tan
  • Tessa, Dark tan
-Brow/no brow options on skin (several tones available)
-3 eyeliner options
-Appliers: Cute/Phat Azz, Lolas Tango, Slink hands and feet
-shown with lelutka hair
-Mesh Hands by [ iren ] come in standard sizing:
Skin Fair: Iren Mesh Hand ---
Clef de Peau by Marcopol Oh

Skin Fair: Clef de Peau CU JEMMA 5 Tones Skin Fair: Clef de Peau WS JEMMA 5 Tones
  • Jemma
-5 tones: Milk, Pearl, Peach, Honey, Toffee
-4 brow options (no brow on skin)
-3 cleavage options on skin
-Appliers: Cute Azz, Lolas Tango
-shown with burley hair
All skins previewed in this post can be located in Sim 1.
Here's the official maps to help guide you:
Skin Fair 2014: MAPS

For more information on Skin Fair 2014, head to their official website.

Plenty more teases still to come, so be sure to check back soon!

.Love, tekila v.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


The Skin Fair - 2014 and WCF3

Wahooo! I'm SO excited for Skin Fair this year - as if I already wasn't, right? RIGHT!! Well, turns out Pink Acid is releasing their first ever skin - a little over a year in the making! As you may (or may not know) Pink Acid makes some great cosmetics at the moment, so I'm really excited to see this designer just blossom! It's creator, Stasey Oller, says that the eyes will be included with skins sold - UH, those look ah-maze-ing too! Very excited and I promise to keep you updated when SF14 begins ;)

.lv, tekila v.