Saturday, August 30, 2008

What Day is IT?

Mannn! So much has been going on in my little 'ol SL. I finally finished all of the 25 new gestures for my shoppy shop - I surprised myself - U'd be surprised how long I take on each one, making sure its just right, shooO! And thennnnnnnnnnn...I did a shoot with D&F, a friend's modeling agency. I love working for such professional people, it definitely makes MY job a lot easier..which is filming =) Shoots have grown to 2 hrs. long now that we have more lovely models to capture, so It's so easy to get distracted or get whiney - but did they? NOPE! What a great group of people :) I'll post the video when I'm done

For now, I'll leave you with what I ask myself everyday:
What was the best part of your day? 
What was the worst part of your day?
p.s. it is from the professor who recently passed, check his video out:

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