Monday, October 13, 2008

Sneak Peak: NEW SHOES!

So, I'm up late, working on a few things for the shops, half awake yet so wired - how that happens, I'm not entirely sure; nevertheless, I wasn't alone. The good 'ol FE group was right there with me, helping to ease the restlessness by poking fun at our odd doings. Then, Rowan Carroll, creator and owner of She's So Unusual Shoes, lets me in on a little secret - she has made NEW SHOES! AND! Not just any shoes, but sculpted snow boots! If I wasn't fully awake before, I sure was then! I quickly tried them on for size & I'm in love! The boots are a leopard print, but Rowan tells me they will be released in several colors and patterns, YAY! The release date is set for this Thursday evening SLT - make sure to stop on by and grab a pair - there you can find lots of other sexy, fun & even quirky heels/flats/platforms/sandals/SHOES! :)  She also has a 1L female ao worth getting.

She's SOOOOO Unusual!!
She's SO Unusual!

Off to make boot prints in snow!
Love, Tekila

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