Sunday, May 2, 2010

Jaydee Designs, A Must Read!

A name soon to become household in Second Life, Wiraya Johin, is a designer on the rise creating a leading high quality brand within her store, Jaydee Designs. Wiraya is no stranger to the design world, starting only a mere 2 1/2 years ago in-world. Her RL knack for design translated over naturally for Wiraya as she sought after outfits not offered in Second Life. Several of her works ranges in taste, as well as styles, for the independent woman. Below are just a few of the many creations you can find being currently offered at Jaydee Designs.

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JD 1
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Outfit 1, Wrapped in Silver
Wrapped contains extensive dressing possibilities, allowing you to alter how you want the upper half to look - that is - if you want the upper half to show at all! Wrapped is a daring ensemble that shows much skin, depending how it's worn. As the name implies, Wrapped appears to wrap nicely around the body with spaces between each piece of material, limitedly revealing even more skin.

Outfit 2, Raw Black
Raw Black carries an exotic and very feminine presence & even can be considered near gorean style. A very versatile style, indeed. Raw Black is actually one of Wiraya's older designs, while the others pictured are newer. Raw Black comes in one layer option only for the top and pants; but, already we can see Wiraya's wantingness to give customers option by providing Raw Black's attachments with scripted resizing menus & one without it. The quality is still present and uniquely shows the level of quality Wiraya was at during the time of Raw Black's release and the multitude of how far she has come with the incredible detail of her present work.

Outfit 3, After Midnight in Red
the name and color nearly say it all - a racy, sexy woman is meant to wear this ensemble proudly. Though a mini-skirt is provided, it is so mini that the crotch area is still revealed, making the use of the 2 layered optional panties provided helpful. A definite must have for those who dont mind being a bit risque. After Midnight comes with 8 attachments/add ons available, a zipper is even provided!- Jaydee Designs does not miss a beat. Details are a common component in each outfit, expressing the designer is giving an added effort to enhance consumers SL wardrobe experience.

Outfit 4, Black Seduction
This particular outfit comes with 5 attachments, 1 of which is a belly piercing, a skirt add-on & multiple layer options. A foreseeable dancer/escort outfit one can use it to tease with the covered/open layer options to play with...And, no, this outfit isn't quite crotchless! It comes with two layer options for panties - for those of you who actually wear any :)

Outfit 5, Secrets BW
Last, but not least, Secrets is all about being wrapped in a chained outfit, much like how secrets can be kept chained up.However, Secrets is not doing a great job at keeping everything under wraps b/c a lot of skin shows- making this Secrets outfit more revealing than concealing in a sexy manner. Secrets comes with 8 attachments -1 jacket layer, 1 pants layer for panties, gloves & stockings.

A look of the backsides.
JD 2

TP to Jaydee Designs

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Lv, Tekila V.