Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hope Is Here

Last night was amazing. America has elected its first President with African roots within the same century where African Americans were stripped of their civil rights & were not even allowed to vote. What a way we have come! I am so proud to see progress in our nation! 
The day was filled with much anticipation, nervousness & hope. I worked all evening long, helping to cover federal, state & local races, but there was only one race really on my mind, the nations & the worlds - that of who would be declared the next President of the United States.  I have followed both the Republican & Democrat campaigns since the beginning - last night felt like coming full circle for myself. I will say here that I am a Democrat, but I always try to put any biases aside to fairly consider the candidate of the other party, in this instance, John McCain. My decision was casted when I voted on election day, Tuesday, November 4th. I voted with confidence and I felt better than I ever have before while going through the voting process. . .I will never forget the feeling of being overwhelmed with joy when Senator Barack Obama was declared the President elect. To share one the most historic moments in modern history, you can watch this clip found where else? YouTube. Here it is:

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