Saturday, March 13, 2010

60L Fever!

Hello all! You now have 3 good reasons to click and shop away in Second Life this weekend. One being its nearly spring time - 2, its the weekend - & 3 you can look hot and pay as little as much as what you'll be wearing if you stop by Butterfly Effectz to pick up their latest release, 'Hot to Spot' for ONLY, yes only, 60L this Saturday & Sunday (pictured left).
60L *BE* Outfits
If you can't get the great deal this weekend, the outfit on the right (shown above) will be available for you next weekend.

TP to **Butterfly Effectz**

There are several other stores, large & small, participating all across the grid.

To subscribe to 60L Weekends, TP here

Or if you like, look at a picture gallery of items being offered

lv, Tekila