Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Love Day Goodies

Well, whether you've been dreading it..or looking forward to it..Valentine's Day will be here within a few days. Designers in SL are definitely spreading some love across the grid by having hunts with a majority of the prizes being free - as well as several stores giving out free/dollarbie gifts. Here, below, are just a few of the many V-Day finds myself and my good friend, MsRam were able to find, both in-world and on the web:


Top Photo
G*Field, hunt items: red balloon dress, shoes (50L), heart earrings, heart purse
+plus, Africa Necklace, not free

Bottom Photo
Va Creations, swimsuit, free
BodyMix, boots, dollarbie

One of my favorite stores I always love to frequent, Apple May, has not one..not two..not three - but get this, 7 tones available in her FREE Valentine skin called, Katey, shown here:


TP to Apple May

Well, do you Plurk? It's SL's best answer to twittering amongst the fashion world and Addict designer, Kianna Noel is no stranger. She is currently giving all her friends (and, yes, new friends) this gift via-Plurk:
If you're not a member - what are ya waiting for!? Sign up & friend her today here.

On a final note...I would like to say..that sure, Valentine's Day is about love - but, remember as kids, everyone exchanged Valentine cards and candies? Because Valentine's day was about sharing and, clichely enough, it was about caring, too. Even today, I personally see V-day as another reason to say to someone you're appreciated. So, to everyone...designers, readers, fellow bloggers and all those in this Second Life...Happy Valentine's Day to you ♥