Saturday, November 17, 2012


I don't normally blog about eyes...but...I find these to be very unique and beautiful!
new eyes yayy <3 
They are the latest release from Candy Mountain called . dew . They come in regular eye-wearing options and in a prim option, too! The eyes are not sold separately but for 200L you get 8 pairs which makes it very worth it!  Creator, Mynx Legend, has also set out a group gift set. Just 75L to join the group. You get 4 pairs of these eyes in special colors! 

Not to mention...the skin I'm wearing can currently be found at the Structure Your Skin Project! All skins there are 99L. I am wearing the Shannon skin by Surrogates and I have to say I haven't been able to take it off in weeks now! Also, the mesh hair I am wearing is a group special from Burley called Diana. It's 50L to join the group and in the special pack you get a mix of hair colors with roots for 300L.

Happy Shopping! Lv, Tekila V.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Today's SL Breasts

Boobs, jugs, fun bags - whatever you like to call them, they have once again regained prim popularity in Second Life. Currently, there are 3 main contenders producing prim breasts, including Mused, Lolas and Ecorp. But what's the difference from each? Who has the most realistic and who doesn't? And, why should I spend my $L on these? These are all questions I have had for some time, until I ran into the Modern Lady: Fashion for Breasts blogger, Tayla Arado (shown below).
Tayla Arado

Here's our little Q and A:

Me: How are the current prim breasts different from those in the past?

Tay (tayla.arado): Three years ago we didn't have clothing options and what we did have was so poorly made it looked bad, Now we have so many options

Me: And, with this change, what do you think needs to happen from this point in time?

Tay (tayla.arado): I think that designers need to open their minds, Its a common misconception that prim breasts means trashy or that you have to be nude all the time. I think that we should view these just as we did prim feet, they are to make our avi better!

Me: What are the differences between each store?

Tay (tayla.arado): Mused has two kinds, one is just a normal kind, the other is milk maids, milk maids are options for lactation and you have to constantly milk them or they get "diseased" It will often times cause you to buy all new boobs or the healing potion for them, the other mused are nice however! Also, they have updated their system to apply clothing to them no matter what kind of applier you have, so clothes are easily worn

Tay (tayla.arado): Lolas have Push ups and Naturals. Naturals are hardly ever used thus clothing ehhh its questionable on how that will look. Push-ups look the best, they have the most clothes. every designer has these, they are the best! Lots of options for clothes lots of skin appliers you don't have to worry about them getting diseased they are reliable

Tay (tayla.arado): Ecorps, they jiggle which is AMAZING! they also do lactation However... they look like two basketballs underneath your shirt, they don't look real there's no way to get them to look real, theres clothes for them though! But no skin appliers so your constantly be coloring them to your skin like prim feet

Me: Can you sum up why should women really be interested and enthused by this product ?

Tay (tayla.arado): I think women should be interested in this product because it gives us a sense of realism, no more lumpy breasts, we create a more smother us. The image of female beauty soft and smooth.
Tayla went on to mention that the prim breasts are resizeable, meaning they can be set to however big or small the consumer desires, while still maintaining a more natural look.

For more, visit Tayla's blog.
To visit the mentioned stores:
:mused:    Lolas   eCorp

.lv, tekila v.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

My. Thank you! =)

Need new animations in your life? Lucky for us M. has us covered. This animation shop definitely deserves lots of love because there's an assortment of really great dances, and, creator Jeseca Kira, just released a 3-part series of bows titled, "Thank You"! Check out this video to see them in motion:

I can not stress enough the good quality and friendly prices (half the cost of major shops) you'll find at this up and coming animation destination!

Lv tekila v.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Swimming Pool Blues! Womp?!

The summer is unfortunately nearing an end, but it's not too late to bask in its' seasonal glory. The Swimming Pool Blues hunt just kicked off and there are several prizes worth checking out, like these:

Hunt Gifts 081812
Hunt item #17 by BoatHouse- rug, table & portrait; SFW- Frame group; 22769- MESH Slim Leather Pants

All prizes do cost 5L, and you'll be looking for this:

All items are designed around a blue color-scheme. The hunt ends August 31st so be sure to take advantage of it while there's still time! :) The starting point is at MM. (Home).
For more on this hunt, just visit their blog.

Lv, tekila v.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

49L Cart Sale!

Starting midnight tonight, the Daytona Beach sim is hosting a cart sale where each vendor with a cart will have at least 1 item for only 49L or less! This is a limited-time event, and yes, I'm even partaking in it... I don't create as often as like, but when I do I love to share with all. On top of items being 49L, I've also set out a couple 1L items, just for fun, under store name, Vel :) Check them out:

Vel, Chevron Modern Table Vel, Chevron Modern Chair
The chair is mod so you can easily add your own poses and get creative with it!
And my 49L item:

Vel, Luv Rings - Huge
Be sure to check out all the goodies before they're set back to full price after it ends August 31st!

Teleport to Daytona Beach

<3tekila p="p" v.="v.">

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Have you caught on to the latest fashion trend hitting the grid? If not, it's not too late... Elmont has us covered with their latest Harem pants they just released in 3 colors. Shown below is the all-fabulous pink version:

My hair is by Pomme d' Amour, their latest lovely release called Starlust in cerise. Now you won't be able to find this 'do at Hair Fair, so be sure to check it out at their store!

bra, no longer available
skin and shape, mydear past gift

.<3tekila v.

Fab.Pony Closing!

After years on the grid, the fabulous and vivacious designs of Fab.Pony will soon be unavailable as of August  31st. The owner and creator, Tatianna Faulkes will be focusing on her rl and may or may not return to designing in Second Life... The closing of Fab.Pony means there's a sale on everything in-store! Everything is marked to 30L, and I was fortunate enough to make it in through the thick lag and crowd to pick up a few items I thought were too cute not to have! Check them out:

1. Own the Night, rose wine/2. Call Me Rose, mocha/3. Diplo, rainbow, red and dove
Confetti Dress in banana and coral pink, the layers are fun to mix and match in =o)

Visit Fab.Pony before they're gone!

Lv, Tekila V.

Friday, July 13, 2012

One Voice Top Picks!

Hello everyone! Have you made it out to the One Voice event yet?? After many attempts, I finally got in the sim myself, and, of course, I found lots of wonderful items up for sale. Here are my top picks!

1VoiceChoices copy

Left: Gown is by Gizza, Lily in Nude
Middle: Mesh Dress by Mon Cheri - Fitted
Right: Dress by League - Geometric Dress in Black; Hair, Vanity Hair - Milana in Soil
*all poses by Purple Poses @ One Voice - Model Pose Khloe pack

Remember. half or all proceeds go to Gala Phoenix's legal defense fund. Please see my previous post for further details! : )

Me with my favorrrrite Curio skin, Yum! :)
.<3tekila v.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cause for Curio

Hello oblivion...we meet again =)

No, I haven't risen from the dead...though it may seem so! I could never leave SL, or you, the readers! Much<33to you all...I am writing today to share something I, and many others, believe in 100%..and that is creator of Curio, Gala Phoenix...She is currently in a RL legal battle over her SL creations and is in need of support. But, more importantly, her situation is about protecting original works for those that put so much time, effort and energy into making fantastic items for us in Second Life.

There is an event, starting at midnight tonight, called, One Voice.  Designers all across the grid are participating, including Bare Rose, League, Belleza, Slink, Aura, Adam N Eve and so many more...Half or all of the proceeds from items sold will go to support Gala's mounting legal fees. And I must say there are some pretty awesome items for sale!

To hear from Gala herself, visit
And, if you want to stay updated in-world, you can join the group here:

This event runs from July 9 - 16. Hope to see you there!
Teleport to One Voice

<3Tekila V.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mesh Events!

Hello virtual world!

So, have you tried out any Mesh products? If not, you're not alone...Yes, I too have yet to try out mesh. The new medium has been out for about 4 months now, and the grid is embracing mesh, coming out with all sorts of content - from vehicles, to full body avatars and, of course, there's lots of fashion.

Even though I have yet to try mesh, I am still very excited to get doing so and! on top of that, there are several mesh-tacular (yes, I said it!) events going on and coming up as we speak...

First up is the Mix & Mesh Spring Fashion Fair. It's going on now 'til Sunday, March 11th. You can catch several fashion shows daily featuring the latest mesh looks from designers like Hucci, Wasabi Pills and more.
Visit the Fair here

March is just around the corner and so is the madness that goes with it! That's why this next event is called March Mesh Madnesss 2012, or MMM12 for short. There will be some favorite designers as well as some fresh faces debuting their Mesh creations. This is definitely worth checking out! For more info just head to the event's official site.

.<3 Tekila V.