Sunday, August 23, 2009

♪♫Check My Medley!♪♫

Medley! What a fun & energetic name for a shop! Medley is presented by the generous upcoming SL virtual artist, Arriah Fiertze. Indulging the Sl design world, Fiertze is creating skins, shirts and deviant piercings. Here a few items you can find in-world and in-store:

Part One: Skin, Never Sees Sun - Scene

Okay, YES SL world! There are tons of skin makers who are rocking socks daily! Lets show some love to those not so well known. Arriah has detailed her skins, offered in dark and light tones, to the best I have seen a fresh and very new skin maker to have done so. This particular skin is soft, not realistic, meaning the details are there but look airbrushed. In SL, that is pretty much the divide. Since this skin is soft and offers highlights in the best asset of places - it already looks more feminine to the eye. The facial makeups come in 7 versions each. With soft made skin, hair by Truth or truth-like, typically work best. At 250L for a single skin - this is a must try! Back to details though... There is NO apparent seams on this skin, which is very hard to find for a new skin maker.Highlights and lowlights appear to be set appropiately.

Lingerie. . .Cherry Girl
Hair. . .Truth

Part two, Striped Sweater in Pink with Snake Bites Lip Piercing
Two layers are available for this top - shirt with or without gloves, meaning, you can either wear it long sleeved or not. The cut of this top is not jagged enough to notice, if at all, & the folds in it could be more detailed; but, this top does have enough boldness in color and quality to work with any realm of skin quality. The lip ring *sucks her teeth to ease the pain* is arrowed double head and is only available in a dark metal texture.

Outfit Three, Hip Hop is SL Lost, 1L Gift
Okay! This is *SO, SO, SO* an EXCLUSIVE!!! For my fellow followers & then some, a gift has been set out for 1L! This tee that asks where the real Hip Hop is at? in Second Life. . .Real hip hop is not the same as the Party Hip Pop and Techno you hear today...Its classy and original...Ty for being part of a movement to revive real music Arriah! You can get this at her shop, as well as two skins for *ONLY 50L!* The one I'm wearing here plus another *smiles*

TP to Medley

Lv, Tekila Vella
Fashion Blogger

Dead Lethal...Couture *smirks*

Sassy, confident, modern, flirty & fun are just a few words to describe the fresh-off-the-street designs envisioned by new designer Emerald Emor. Her shop, Lethal Couture, is more exclusive than most - located in a strip mall. Nevertheless, Emor will soon open her own fashion filled sim! Details to come. But, to take that next step Emor has been creating outfits not typically found in you're better, well-known, shops. Below are a few outfits up for review - nothing doctored.

Outfit One, Plaid Scrunch Top in Yellow
The centered bow in the mid-section creates the overall cutesy look of this particular outfit. The skirt and arm bands are sculpted and modifiable, making it easier to fit to any shape. The arm bands are also sculpties and hold true to their overall design and texture well. This outfit only comes in one layer - jacket. Now, we have all been perv-cammed, I assume! (hehe) And yes, though the texture looks fine from afar, it does lose some quality and becomes blurry when zoomed in. The seams are not lined up perfectly, but, even so, they do not create direct attention to the average eye. Overall, this outfit opens up free range, concerning styling! Any leggings, denim, etc will go great with this top.

Shoes. . .Biddle Boots, "Cuties" Black
Skin. . .Free Spirit, Kimberly Tan

Outfit 2, High Waist Plush Dress in Gold & Blue
This club/celeb-like outfit comes in a shirt & pants only layer with 2 skirt prim attachments, one flexi. It is a very young and flirty outfit with an energized impression. The textures do appear a bit stretched and blurred when zoomed in and out. Concept-wise, this outfit is ideal for a fun-filled night, showing off the better body assets one has.

Hair . . . Maitreya
Skin . . . Staged

Outfit 3, Cheetah Racerback Dress in Red
HOT!...okay, I said it! Red is definitely coming back in a major way this season - so let it sizzle! The red in this particular outfit compliments the wild nature of the big cat print. It comes in shirt & pant layer only along with a 3-tiered flexi skirt. Aside from the last two outfits, the cut of the top is not so noticeable - it holds true when zoomed in and out. There is less degradation of texture with this outfit, too. This outfit can be worn almost anywhere - becomming a more univeral design.

Skin. . .Free Speerit, 0L Gift @ UVogue Fair
Shoes. . .Shooz, Sting Heelz
Hair. . .Red Queen XStreet Special, 50L

Again, these are *only* a few samples of Emor's work,

TP to Lethal Couture

Lv, Tekila Vella
Fashion Blogger

NEXT - A Sweet Medley!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Eternal Brides & Seldom Blue!

IndigoBlue Dagostino continues to capture my attention with not only her eye for design, but her knack for quality in her designs. I am pleased to finally review Ms. Dagostino's virtual fashion art. All the pics are screenshots - nothing doctored. Again, feel free to get a front row seat at one of her firsts Fashion Shows. SLURL to come : )

Outfit One: Kira Wedding Gown
For every outfit, there are several layers for top and bottom - very helpful if you want to wear another layer not associated with the outfit. . .This gown comes with a traditional veil that rests behind the head, a long train and lengthy skirt option..The detail within the skirt itself is very high quality when zoomed in & out...though the top appears to be of good quality it does get a bit rough on the edges, especially around the straps. Overall, this is a very lovely gown to celebrate ones most memorable and special day in : )

Outfit Two: Giselle Bridal Lingerie
Hands down, Giselle Bridal Lingerie is kinky and sweet! It comes with two skirt options & all layers for both top and bottom, with optional garter. . .The quality is an improvement from the straps bogging down the quality of the Kira set. The folds/creases seemingly correspond to the body...Definitely a must have.

Outfit Three: Francesca Dress in Red
This dress actually comes with two skirt length options, the one you see here & a longer version - pardon me for not showing the other....This dress received several compliments...I think it's because the quality of it, zoomed in & out holds true to its intentional design...It is both elegant & sexy. Red is definitely due for comeback this season *smiles*

Outfit 4: Francesca, 1L Gift!
Stay tuned for more info on how to get this great outfit & more!

TP to Eternal Brides & Seldom Blue

Tekila Vella
Fashion Blogger

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bridal & Gown Fashion Show!

Eternal Brides & Seldom Blue are unveiling their latest line this Sunday! I will be reviewing many of the items within a day or so that will either be featured at the show itself, or, on their release day in-store. Stay posted for a TP link & time : ) And YES, the gown shown below will be given out as a gift. . !

Fashion Show, Sept 16
Tekila Vella
Fashion Blogger