Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tangoray all Day \o/

After working long and hard on building the new shape shop, Tang and I (mostly *I*) decided to take a break and go *SHOPPING!* He's such a good sport about going shopping with me. I guess he understands my little addiction to it. So anyway, off we went to look at some shoes! I kind of tend to wander off most times & this was no exception. But somehow Tang managed to keep up in a very creative way

Work it baby - Sashay! Hayy haha I've seen this frame/pose around but he just made it look so much hotter. But after a while it started to look like he wanted to pitch a loaf. So on we went. I finally bought a pair of shoes at Maitreya, theyre so yummy there. Maitreya is definitely nothing to mess with!!! SHOOOO! I'd post a pic of them here but i completely forgot to take one in the midst of grid-hopping ;x

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