Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Okay. I shop. A LOT. Mostly in SL these days. I had an ongoing obsession with Stiletto Moody, oogling these studded heels - a must have in my books. Then, SM had a sale, and I am one big hooker on Broadway for Sales! Lookiee! I call it the Stiletto Moody Booty pic ;)

Then, I was out with Kendle, a new friend who I know is a keeper, too ;) AND Low and Behold this amazing dress that practically threw itself on me..or maybe vice versa. who cares, it screamed "TEKILAAAAAA, PUT ME ON BABY!" from across the sim.
Now normally I am against system skirts. They always end up disappearing and showing off my vajayjay. But luckily I followed one of the several notecards about how to rid the problem and VOILA! It worked and I nearly teared ;x

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