Saturday, December 19, 2009


/me cups her hands at each side of her mouth and shouts, "Hello all out there in cyber-world!"

Days, weeks have scattered since last post, but! I am back & ready to let you know about more new exciting and unsung designers in-world. I start with introducing you to not 1 - but a crew of designers, whom I met just before my break, creating as rapidly as their imagination flows. Howard Lindley & Lilli Yang are the proud creators of .:: HLD ::., a trendy retailer filled with sassy designs for the flirty and bold alike. Samples below do not reflect all the latest available styles in-store at this time; rather, reflecting the progress until early November.

Mix 1:
(click on image to view full)

Mix 2:

Lindley has been designing in Second Life for 2 years & Lilli a year and a half! Lindley plans to design shoes with feet next (yay! shoes).

TP to .:: HLD ::.