Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mesh Events!

Hello virtual world!

So, have you tried out any Mesh products? If not, you're not alone...Yes, I too have yet to try out mesh. The new medium has been out for about 4 months now, and the grid is embracing mesh, coming out with all sorts of content - from vehicles, to full body avatars and, of course, there's lots of fashion.

Even though I have yet to try mesh, I am still very excited to get doing so and! on top of that, there are several mesh-tacular (yes, I said it!) events going on and coming up as we speak...

First up is the Mix & Mesh Spring Fashion Fair. It's going on now 'til Sunday, March 11th. You can catch several fashion shows daily featuring the latest mesh looks from designers like Hucci, Wasabi Pills and more.
Visit the Fair here

March is just around the corner and so is the madness that goes with it! That's why this next event is called March Mesh Madnesss 2012, or MMM12 for short. There will be some favorite designers as well as some fresh faces debuting their Mesh creations. This is definitely worth checking out! For more info just head to the event's official site.

.<3 Tekila V.