Sunday, June 30, 2013

Deals and Freebie Love

Second Life is always full of great finds. This weekend only get a beautiful purple maxi dress by the incredible store, Apple May Designs, for only 25L... regular price, 250L!! It's quite the deal, and purple being one of my top favorite colors, I simply couldn't pass this up.
4th of July Nexxt are the incredible poses by Elephante Poses. Right now, get a pack of 5 poses catered to American's 4th of July celebrations called, Party in the USA! It's only 90L, right now, at Perfect Wardrobe. Elephante Designs has lots more going on around the grid, so be sure to join their subscribe-o group, in-world today!

Where is that second outfit from on the right you ask? Why it's a *free* group gift  called Lisa from SLAVE. It can currently be found in the latest/greatest group in-world that lets you know about everything free and fab in SL, called, sl frees and offers. It's free to join  and designers directly let you know about what's up for grabs in their stores. And...they even give out free gifts in the group itself. After you join, be sure to check the notices for recent gifts, while they last!

Love, Tekila V.

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Minds from the creators of beloved clients like Firestorm, Exodus, Catznip and Linden Labs are joining forces to create a viewer that allows clothing to be seen like never before! It's very exciting if you a) love fashion and/or b) create it! Still in it's beta stages, the future Materials Project Viewer enables 'normal and specular maps on Second Life objects.' HUH, you say?? It means fashion items will be higher quality with options to make them shine and have a bump texture. Check out the demo video from Leezu:

For more on what it is, what it does and how you can design for it, click here.

.love, tekila v.