Monday, September 1, 2008

A Kiss of Upgrade

Hello Oblivion!

Ever feel like making yourself over? I always do, especially since its so hard to keep a look before everyone else follows - it happens to us all I can only assume - thusssss! Tang & I went skin shopping! :))
Honestly though, I don't think it's too much of a stretch from our last skins. . .maybe in some of the leg detail and amy winehouse looking eyeliner.. :) but I must say this has to be one of my favorite skins, and tang's pixel upgrade doesn't look too shabby either hehe

In other topics...Part of playing second life is playing house/barbies all over again! I love dressing my avatar up, but it does seem a bit weird at times when I catch myself thinking "wtf am I doing, playing dress up?" But do little girls who grow into women really get over the whole playing dress up? I can't say I have...yet =F and it doesn't appear I'm alone on that

It kind of relates to wanting to be like celebrities...No, I don't want to be Britney, but I am planning on making a SL Music video with her in it sooN!!!! I can't wait, its a process and I intend to do it on my terms :)) Keep ya's my Britney version so far:

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