Monday, September 7, 2009

Wasted Youth

Only 3 months into the virtual world of fashion design, Kendall Freenote is creating a variety of SL apparel ranging from uptown chic to punk rock glam to sweetheart casuals and back again. Here are a *few* designs by Kendall, available in her store, up for review:

Part One, High Waist Studded Skirt
The high waist studded skirt is patterned with silver metallic triangles. The mauve-like color is the undertone color featuring an elastic type waistband. Like the texture, the cuts of the skirt are decent. This skirt comes in a Jacket & Pant layer, with a modifiable prim attachment for the bottom-half of the short lengthed skirt. This would be great to pair with one of Freenote's many blazers, but being that it is only a Jacket layer for either - it is not yet possible.

Also Shown,
Hair by Truth, Farrah
Neglige by Urbanity
Boots by Adam n Eve, Tia

Part Two,Times Square Jacket
Tricky, that's what this texture is. It may appear a bit pixelated, but then again its a certain type of material the texture is portraying - a fuzzy, cotton wool type. Shadows are plentiful in this piece, giving a layered put-together look. The sleeves are manually modifiable sculpties & the blazer itself is only available in a jacket layer. The backside of this blazer is very interesting as in the darkened detail lined down the spine from neck to tail. This centers the focus inward, thinning the shape of the avatar.

Also Shown,
Hair by Truth
Gloves by Emery
Panties by Mai, in-store gift, 0L

Part Three, Vintage Rose Dress
I love vintage pieces! This near rustic-textured piece is very feminine while paying homage to a style not always seen in SL fashion while still keeping it modern & flirty. The off the shoulder short dress comes in both Jacket/Shirt & Pant layers. The skirt is sculpted & modifiable. Though pretty to the eye, there are a few flaws with this particular dress. It's difficult to resize the sculpted skirt with the belt attached to it: If you downsize too much, part of the belt gets lost in the avatar's body; If you expand, you risk having the belt too loose with parts of the sculpted skirt showing in either the front or back (bottom right). Last part may not be a big deal to some; however, there is extra shadowing along the top of the outfit.

Also Shown,
Hair by Truth
Earrings by [glow] Studio

There are many more great outfits not shown here! Feel free to stop by Freenote's store as she continues to grow in her designs : )
TP to Wasted Youth

Lv, Tekila Vella

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