Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sales & Gifts: Oh Yeah!

Sales are everywhere - maybe as much as hunts - these days. That is great for consumers & business owners alike. SO, who is having these sales?! Here are a few to list:

:: Vive 9! Yes, I know, I'm a huge user of Vive 9 skins on my blog and now they are having a sale! Skins can be found for as low as 150L. These cute soft faced skins are definitely demo-worthy. TP to Vive 9's Skin Sale

:: *Fishy Strawberry* has just released a new skin & shape line & to celebrate they are putting all of their older skins & shapes on a 50% off sale for the next 6 days!
Tp to *Fishy Strawberry*

:: Dutch Touch has a new special group gift out & the skin is very lush! It comes in two tones, here is one:
Dutch Touch has several model-like gorgeous skins - shop around and try the demos first :)
TP to Dutch Touch

:: PixelDolls has a sale on all their singles. Nothing is over 100L here and there's lots to choose from - great for mixing and matching with other sets! And the quality? Some of the best in Second Life in my humble opinion. TP to PixelDolls

:: Church of Luxe is having a sale on ALL merchandise! There is lots of entire outfits up for sale for as little as 50L, in several colors, most of which are very modern chic and conservative.
TP to CoL

More to Come!
Lv Tekila V

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