Friday, September 25, 2009

Skin & Shape Expo!!!

SLURL Near Posh, Milk Motion, nr. 9

I'm so overjoyed with excitement! The Skin & Shape Expo begins tomorrow, Saturday, Sept. 26th. Do you feel the lag already??? Luckily, the expo will be open until October 10th (2 weeks). The delicious expo will be held on the KMADD sim - I'll be sure to update this post with SLURLs for anyone who may need one. In the meantime, here's a few tips to help fight the first week of major lag:

Tip #1, Bald is beautiful & the newbie limp is okay so be sure to detach all prims and scripts from your avatar.

Tip #2, Demos! Collect all the demos you want and tp out to try them.

Tip #3, Put your graphics on low. This will help your computer load the graphics faster. Go to Preferences > Graphics > check Custom > check Bump Mapping & Shining > check Basic Shaders > check Avatar Imposters > check Hardware Skinning > Apply > Ok!

There are going to be several new skin line releases with some of the biggest name skin makers in Second Life. I have seen some of the new releases and they are amazing!

Stay Posted,
Lv, Tekila Vella

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