Sunday, September 13, 2009

* Alluring Secrets *

Talented, with an eye for beauty, the modest Alluring Secrets designer, Hotla Hoodoo, possesses all the above. Hoodoo's works are elegant, but are also made with a touch of sass. Hoodoo has been designing for years in sl - even longer in rl - and is unquestionably an artist to watch for in both worlds. Below are a few of her latest fall fashion pieces up for review:

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Outfit 1, Eternity Gown in Copper & Salmon
Eternity is classy and very feminine when greeting the eye while presenting a mere touch of risqueness with the reveal of partial cleavage, too. More technically, as with most designs, the trim directly under the breasts is a bit pixelated, as well as the lace of the gloves when zoomed in - unless someone is set on extremely zooming in, the pixelation should not be a problem. Eternity comes with both jacket and pant layers, gloves, a tie-string for the back & 2 skirt options: one sheer, the other solid (shown above). There are 4 attachments in all, all manually modifiable. . . I say manually since SL is seeing more resize scripts in attachments.
Eternity's backside reveals the length of the back, dipping in an acute v-cut as far down to pass a panty line. The back's exposed skin is partially covered by a laced up copper string. Aside from some pixelation near and underarms, zoomed in, the quality of Eternity's textures & cuts are superb.

:: Also Shown ::
Hair - Analog Dog, Bella

Outfit 2, Slacked in Olive
Slacked is semi-casual wear and it offers a chance to mix & match with other garments in different layers. It comes in a jacket layer for the outter part & a shirt layer for the tank top. There are 6 ruffles for the Blouse that are not modifiable. The multi-layers of these frills are flexi and give a nice wave when moving, very subtle and natural. The midriff, slighty sheer tank top has a lace design along the top held up by spaghetti straps. The lace looks mildly blurry when zoomed in, but is accetable good quality. The pants come in 2 layers: one with boot cut (shown above) & the other with a slight flare. The dark denim jeans have a detailed shadowed/highlighted line running down the middle front. This lengthens and draws focus inward, creating a skinnier, long-leg look.

:: Also Shown::
Hair - Posh
Boots - Adam n Eve, Tia

Outfit 3, Tootsy in Red

Racy, wild & just plain fun. Tootsy in red comes with a silver metal belt & black leather thigh-high boots with a twisted chain lining the backside of the lower leg. Tootsy's belt is very commanding, reminiscent of the big Texas-type buckles that say, "I'm in charge here." By design, the belt's thick band makes the lower torso appear smaller. The plunging neckline is nothing far from bold & sexy as it's marked by the folded back flaps of its upper half. A single button holds this onesy outfit together. Texture-wise - its fabulous! The cuts & seams hold true to their designs & there are no apparent jagged edges.

:: Also Shown ::
Hair - Atomic
Skin - Staged
Heart Glasses - Elate!

Alluring Secrets is not only for women - there are also tons of items for males! Stop by to really see what Hoodoo has to offer.

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Lv, Tekila Vella

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