Sunday, August 23, 2009

♪♫Check My Medley!♪♫

Medley! What a fun & energetic name for a shop! Medley is presented by the generous upcoming SL virtual artist, Arriah Fiertze. Indulging the Sl design world, Fiertze is creating skins, shirts and deviant piercings. Here a few items you can find in-world and in-store:

Part One: Skin, Never Sees Sun - Scene

Okay, YES SL world! There are tons of skin makers who are rocking socks daily! Lets show some love to those not so well known. Arriah has detailed her skins, offered in dark and light tones, to the best I have seen a fresh and very new skin maker to have done so. This particular skin is soft, not realistic, meaning the details are there but look airbrushed. In SL, that is pretty much the divide. Since this skin is soft and offers highlights in the best asset of places - it already looks more feminine to the eye. The facial makeups come in 7 versions each. With soft made skin, hair by Truth or truth-like, typically work best. At 250L for a single skin - this is a must try! Back to details though... There is NO apparent seams on this skin, which is very hard to find for a new skin maker.Highlights and lowlights appear to be set appropiately.

Lingerie. . .Cherry Girl
Hair. . .Truth

Part two, Striped Sweater in Pink with Snake Bites Lip Piercing
Two layers are available for this top - shirt with or without gloves, meaning, you can either wear it long sleeved or not. The cut of this top is not jagged enough to notice, if at all, & the folds in it could be more detailed; but, this top does have enough boldness in color and quality to work with any realm of skin quality. The lip ring *sucks her teeth to ease the pain* is arrowed double head and is only available in a dark metal texture.

Outfit Three, Hip Hop is SL Lost, 1L Gift
Okay! This is *SO, SO, SO* an EXCLUSIVE!!! For my fellow followers & then some, a gift has been set out for 1L! This tee that asks where the real Hip Hop is at? in Second Life. . .Real hip hop is not the same as the Party Hip Pop and Techno you hear today...Its classy and original...Ty for being part of a movement to revive real music Arriah! You can get this at her shop, as well as two skins for *ONLY 50L!* The one I'm wearing here plus another *smiles*

TP to Medley

Lv, Tekila Vella
Fashion Blogger

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