Saturday, October 3, 2009

Weekend Events!

With several events taking place around the grid every weekend, I've decided to keep you posted on the ones I'm aware of - ones you'll hopefully enjoy, too. Starting off with fashion related and then not so fashion related, but still fun, events:

Fashion Offers:
Seldom Blue is very generous! This month, starting TODAY, Seldom Blue is offering two very gorgeously textured outfits, one a gown - the other a party girl VIP dress! Here are previews of both:
Evangeline, 100L, 2 Skirt Options
EBSB_Evangeline100 copy
Evangeline in Blue, 1L
TP to Seldom Blue
Ring of the Week!
Puarangi Designs is set to release one every week until November 10th! Each ring features sounds you can activate on touch.
TP to Puarangi Designs
Glamour Expo!
Vanity Universe is at it again, hosting the Glamour Expo, starting today, October 3rd. Big & Small name designers are participating in the expo, showcasing dressy to party to casual attire. Half of all proceeds benefit, "Care," an international aid organzition.
TP to Glamour Expo
Sim Opening:
Elate & Decoy have a new home! There are several check-worthy shops placed around these established stores, such as: Fri.Day, Sugarcube, Tiny Bird, Tuli & more. Free gifts are available in celebration.
TP to the Sunny Sim

Fun Stuff:
Newest place to see or have a battle is Lost City! Combat sim, Lost City, is hosting a boxing match - open to the public! Sign up today for your chance to let a little steam off or to just have some fun testing your key-stroke speed!
TP to Lost City

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