Sunday, January 13, 2013

Get your SALE on!

They're here today... and that's right...gone forever the next! Several sales are taking place across some of my all-time faves stores, like The Body Co. and Cheeky Pea who will be retiring certain creations, very soon.

I've always admired the extremely lovely detail of Body Co. skins but always held off getting one, 'til now (I know, bananas right?!). The Body Co. will be retiring all skins after the sale. So grab them up while you can for - GET THIS! - 50 - 75% off! Pretty amazing... I got my hands on these lovely ones:

Retirement Sales!! (left to right: Chocolata - hair (extra light ebony)  .. Lilac (06 Tan) black hair ... Orchid (05 Sunkissed) - black hair )

You not only get the skin in each pack you buy, but you also get the corresponding shape which makes this an even sweeter deal. And, please note, this sale is not in their main store, it is at The Warehouse!

Cheeky Pea is also moving forward and saying bye-bye to all their sculptie products in-world as they head toward being all mesh. Find these items for 50% off for a limited time, 'til they retire to the marketplace.

Happy Shopping :)
lv, tekila v.

*Also Shown
*Hair - Diana by Burley
*Dress - Color Block Corset Dress.Turquoise. by RaMa RoWanberry
*Necklace - Cloe in bronze by Lagyo (TDR Fusion, Current item)
*Lashes - Rio Show Girl Anz by Angel Rock

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