Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Color-Changeable CLOTHING! ..YES!

As you know I love bringing you the very latest in Second Life fashion design so just imagine for one second when I feasted my eyes on a female avatar whose clothes started changing colors....! I literally thought I was seeing things - 'til it kept going on. So I had to ask what was going on?!  Well the answer led me to find out there's a new trend already hitting the mesh market, starting with the vision of designer/creator Kimberley Zsun, owner of KzD'sign... Because I had to know all the details, we ended up having a little Q and A and it went something like this...

Q. Tekila Vella: so why make clothing and shoes color changeable? and when did you start?
A. Kimmy (kimberley.zsun): i make clothing because i like to be busy and make exclusive creations. I started 2 years ago

Q. Tekila Vella: what makes this product so special?
A. Kimmy (kimberley.zsun): it has an auto-color menu built in that can be started and stopped, works with 3 speeds or people can choose static color handmatic, the glow and bright and shiny can be set on newer outfits also

Q. Tekila Vella: who is this product for?
A. Kimmy (kimberley.zsun): it has mutliple users like cyber/scifi clubbers, party people, general and mesh like users
Check out this montage video to see a preview of her creations and the hud that makes the magic happen:

In the outfit I'm wearing, there are also shoes and nails available that also, yup - color change!! : )

Personally, I've always wondered, where will mesh take us next - what would BE that next level, and I believe Kim has found it! Definitely stop by her store to check out the many mesh outfits she currently has out available..

lv, Tekila V.

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