Thursday, March 14, 2013

Skin Fair 2013 Top Picks: Part 1!

You read it right! Skin Fair 20-13 is here! ...I hope you're as excited as I am...because...this time around..there are Over 80 designers participating! Stores like Tuli, Belleza, Tellaq, Glance, JesyLilo, Amacci, Modish, Logo, Envious and so many more, including ones you may have never even heard of or set eyes on.. pretty exciting if you ask me.

So Skin Fair starts this Friday, March 15 at 12:01 AM and lasts 17 whole days 'til Sunday, March 31. It'll span over 2 sims.. so you can definitely expect that both will be jammed packed.. In other words, please de-script and de-prim yourself before heading in. I'd like to add that this year it's policy to do so as the organizers are really trying to keep this wonderful event as lag free as possible... They've included a free 'lag-free' outfit in the Skin Fair 2013 and Skin Addiction groups in-world.

Now.. to the skins! ..I'm so fortunate to be able to preview some exclusive Skin Fair skin lines and I'm starting with a few of my top picks! First Up..
1. Store: ::Modish::       Designer: Ele Brandi       Skin: Zelf
Comes with cleavage options, and I personally love the detail and body shading plus the innocent, subtle sexy look of the face - check out those lips!

MODISH Skin Fair 2013
Modish Skin Fair Close Ups

2. Store: Envious Creations     Designer: Sayanicole Cuttita     Skin: Saya 
This skin is sexy on the body with a sweetheart face. Shown with Saya Eyebrows 02 in the beautiful complexions in pale, tan and light tan.


3. Store: Ooh-la-licious       Designer: Oohlala Sassoon       Skin: Barbie Girl - Amaretto
A sassy skin that comes with 7 lip glosses ~ buy any tone and get Vivid lip gloss free. Each includes a hair base option or you can wear it as a separate - lots of options to play with keeps this line unique.
Ooh_Full Body ooh_lip_glosses

4. Store: [BLUSH]     Designer: Marie Whitfield     Skin: Mabel Skin Dark - Amazing Look
Check out these luscious lips! Mabel is available with several matching brow and no brow options, freckles for dark skin and 22 makeups already on the skin. It also comes with an 'enhanced' version where the breasts are full.

I'd like to mention that this skin fair offers a variety of skins for children, men, fantasy, kawaii ..and it also features mesh bodies and body parts!

The location will be announced closer to the day of and I'll definitely have that and maps up for everyone when I get them - so be sure to check back. And for Part 2 of my top picks!!

To find more information on this event just head to the official Skin Fair 2013 blog.

*note: I have in no way enhanced the skins shown above, all were taken in-world as is*

.lv, tekila v.

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