Sunday, March 24, 2013

Skin Fair Top Picks: Pt. 2!

The countdown is on... only a week left for this year's Skin Fair! Where does the time go?! ..As I said before, there's definitely some amazing and unique skins, and all kinds, too. So without further ado, here is the second installment of some skins I think are definitely worth checking out:

1. Store: **SHINE**       Designer: Love Foxdale      Skin: Anela
SHINE_SF13 final
Anela is a beautiful natural looking skin that highlights the better assets. It comes in 4 tones: Deep Tan, Tan, Pale and Ultra Pale. I picked the 'natural' makeup to show you. It gives the Anela face a soft look. I especially admire the darker the tone the rosier the blush and lips become. There's also 3 cleavage options and 5 makeup options (on skins already).

2. Store: MONS       Designer: Ekilem Melodie       Skin: Cat
MONS SF13 WS final
Cat is an exotic 'hot mama' skin. Her body is toned, but not overly, still giving her a very feminine look. Cat comes in 3 tones: Light, Bronze and Tan, each with different brow color options - so she could definitely look good in just about any hair you choose to wear, be it blonde, red, black, etc. Ekilem has also included 3 brow bases: dramatic, exotic and sexy. And, there's 4 makeups (on the skin already) called dark, smoke, soft and spring!
MONS SF13 CUfinal

3. Store: *Step Inside*       Designer: Lany Jun       Skin: Runa
Runa is a great skin because of all the detail. There's shine in the right spots that match the face and the body perfectly. There's 4 tones available: Dark, Tan, Normal, Rosy Pale... Each tone is based on eyebrow tint and cleavage options... Runa also comes with an assortment of tattoo/makeup layers. There's 15 eyeshadows, 5 blushes, 1 layer for freckles (love!) and 9 lip color options! So definitely lots to play with that will give you a very unique and customized look. 

4. Store: ND/MD       Designer: Moonlay Laval       Skin: Eboni - darkest
HMM WS SF13 final
HMM CU SF13 final 
It's sometimes very challenging to find a darker tone with any decent detail..I'm convinced this is one of the best skins out there for anyone looking to have a very unique one-of-a-kind skin in all SL! 
Eboni Makeups final
Eboni comes in 3 makeup options: brown, copper and plum. There's a cleavage option (undershirt/tattoo layers), pubic hair options and Lolas/Tango appliers! There's 2 versions of each skin with and without a hairbase and the eyes called Asabi are even included. Def. a must try... Also be sure to check out their mesh avatar, Tahira


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