Saturday, October 31, 2009

Something Fun!

Scary costumes, Candy, eery sounds, Candy, HORROR MOVIES & More candy...could it be?!? YESS! TIS HalloWeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-n! And here's to hoping you're having a good one so far :D Today's post may not be the most Halloweenest post in SL Blog (Slog) Land, but never fear - you might find the last piece you've been searching for in making that great costume. Today is about deals around the land - designers have been so very generous, showering numerous of takers with orange/black/spooky designs. Without further ado, lets get to the thick of this post!
Teki1031 copy

Several designers are shown above, who have made what you spend reasonable.
(From Left to Right)
Hair: Vanity, 1L Limited Color Edition
Top: Cashmere, *Nothing in this store is over 100L* Fantastic.
Skin: Vive9 Warehouse Gift
Lashes: ALB Dream Fashions, Group Gift
Flag Mouthpiece: Pink !nc, Dozen others to choose from, very cute!
Eyes: Pulse, 25 - 50L..Very realistic
Earrings: Designers United

Hair: Frangipani
Lashes: Cybernetic, old gift
Skin: Cupcakes, 50L Skin Hunt Storewide!!!! RUN!
Top: Designers United

**Other Great Deals this Weekend**
Fishy Strawberry: 50L for anything Black!
Dark Eden: 25% Off Black, Red & Orange Items
KA Designs: 50% Off Select Skins

Have fun & stay safe!
Lv, Tekila Vella

*Still to Come: HLD!*

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