Friday, October 9, 2009

Clothes Horse!

Sensualism, fitting & stylish are merely a few words to describe the wonderful designs and ideas Claire Harford has brought to Second Life fashion. Founder of Clothes Horse, Harford brings consistent quality in the bright beginning of her boutique. Before starting the review, I would like to first mention that Clothes Horse is participating in Breast Cancer Awareness Month by offering this lovely sweater dress, in which 100% of the proceeds will go to breast cancer research.
As always, none of the reviewed designs have been altered. (Click to see full)
Outfit One: Gina
Warm and cozy Gina comes with several layers, a convenience noticeable in each outfit. Layers include: 1 pant layer for coverage under the skirt in the same texture as the skirt; 2 layers for the dress top (shirt & undershirt); 2 turtleneck layers (shirt & undershirt); 2 stocking versions (thigh high & low rise); 1 Flexi belted skirt & 1 sculpted collar. Each attachment is modifiable, making it better to fit the belted flexi skirt to size. As seen before, belted skirts can be challenging to fit perfectly. There are also two small buttons in the front that may get buried in bustier cleavage. Texture-wise, Gina is superb. The patterned babydoll is consistent and shows no to little seams on the sides. The simple red belt is shaded along the outer edges. Shading/highlighting is a big part of what makes the turtleneck and stockings smooth-looking. Overall, a quality outfit to stay warm in during the fall season.

Outfit Two: Sofia, natural (Click to see full)
Sofia, Sofia! Natural, beautiful, comfy & very in-season. Sofia comes in two pant layer options: one regular, the other - a skinny version. The cuffs & collar are both sculpted and the skirt of the jacket is flexi. All attachments are modifiable. Detail-wise, Sofia comes across as an original piece, the white lines, more specifically, really help define the style of this long coat. The wrinkled, shaded tan-colored texture appears to be of a soft suade type material with hardly any noticeable hard/jagged edges or seam lines. The jacket itself can be worn either with or without the skirt, giving the wearer more options to mix and match.

More styles can be found in the main store! Clothes Horse is definitely a boutique to visit & watch.

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