Saturday, August 15, 2009

Eternal Brides & Seldom Blue!

IndigoBlue Dagostino continues to capture my attention with not only her eye for design, but her knack for quality in her designs. I am pleased to finally review Ms. Dagostino's virtual fashion art. All the pics are screenshots - nothing doctored. Again, feel free to get a front row seat at one of her firsts Fashion Shows. SLURL to come : )

Outfit One: Kira Wedding Gown
For every outfit, there are several layers for top and bottom - very helpful if you want to wear another layer not associated with the outfit. . .This gown comes with a traditional veil that rests behind the head, a long train and lengthy skirt option..The detail within the skirt itself is very high quality when zoomed in & out...though the top appears to be of good quality it does get a bit rough on the edges, especially around the straps. Overall, this is a very lovely gown to celebrate ones most memorable and special day in : )

Outfit Two: Giselle Bridal Lingerie
Hands down, Giselle Bridal Lingerie is kinky and sweet! It comes with two skirt options & all layers for both top and bottom, with optional garter. . .The quality is an improvement from the straps bogging down the quality of the Kira set. The folds/creases seemingly correspond to the body...Definitely a must have.

Outfit Three: Francesca Dress in Red
This dress actually comes with two skirt length options, the one you see here & a longer version - pardon me for not showing the other....This dress received several compliments...I think it's because the quality of it, zoomed in & out holds true to its intentional design...It is both elegant & sexy. Red is definitely due for comeback this season *smiles*

Outfit 4: Francesca, 1L Gift!
Stay tuned for more info on how to get this great outfit & more!

TP to Eternal Brides & Seldom Blue

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