Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dead Lethal...Couture *smirks*

Sassy, confident, modern, flirty & fun are just a few words to describe the fresh-off-the-street designs envisioned by new designer Emerald Emor. Her shop, Lethal Couture, is more exclusive than most - located in a strip mall. Nevertheless, Emor will soon open her own fashion filled sim! Details to come. But, to take that next step Emor has been creating outfits not typically found in you're better, well-known, shops. Below are a few outfits up for review - nothing doctored.

Outfit One, Plaid Scrunch Top in Yellow
The centered bow in the mid-section creates the overall cutesy look of this particular outfit. The skirt and arm bands are sculpted and modifiable, making it easier to fit to any shape. The arm bands are also sculpties and hold true to their overall design and texture well. This outfit only comes in one layer - jacket. Now, we have all been perv-cammed, I assume! (hehe) And yes, though the texture looks fine from afar, it does lose some quality and becomes blurry when zoomed in. The seams are not lined up perfectly, but, even so, they do not create direct attention to the average eye. Overall, this outfit opens up free range, concerning styling! Any leggings, denim, etc will go great with this top.

Shoes. . .Biddle Boots, "Cuties" Black
Skin. . .Free Spirit, Kimberly Tan

Outfit 2, High Waist Plush Dress in Gold & Blue
This club/celeb-like outfit comes in a shirt & pants only layer with 2 skirt prim attachments, one flexi. It is a very young and flirty outfit with an energized impression. The textures do appear a bit stretched and blurred when zoomed in and out. Concept-wise, this outfit is ideal for a fun-filled night, showing off the better body assets one has.

Hair . . . Maitreya
Skin . . . Staged

Outfit 3, Cheetah Racerback Dress in Red
HOT!...okay, I said it! Red is definitely coming back in a major way this season - so let it sizzle! The red in this particular outfit compliments the wild nature of the big cat print. It comes in shirt & pant layer only along with a 3-tiered flexi skirt. Aside from the last two outfits, the cut of the top is not so noticeable - it holds true when zoomed in and out. There is less degradation of texture with this outfit, too. This outfit can be worn almost anywhere - becomming a more univeral design.

Skin. . .Free Speerit, 0L Gift @ UVogue Fair
Shoes. . .Shooz, Sting Heelz
Hair. . .Red Queen XStreet Special, 50L

Again, these are *only* a few samples of Emor's work,

TP to Lethal Couture

Lv, Tekila Vella
Fashion Blogger

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