Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fantastic Finds!

I just want to commend our designers in Second Life who make it affordable to splurge on great products! It's seems like such a rarity to find a truly incredible deal, gift and/or dollarbie while out and about shopping. My photo below features just those kind of deals from designers who I feel are on the consumer's side of saving! Good looking out!

Not only is this hair awesome - it's an absolutely free gift by Dark Mouse. That means it is actually 0L and *YES* its a fatpack!! *Pauses for everyone to take that in for a second* Next…How amazing is this skin? It’s from a new skin shop that just opened called, Change. It comes with cleavage and hair base options, /me smiles for that. And, drumroll please! My entire outfit is by a little shop called, Guarded Teens, and it’s only 75L..NOTE: this outfit does include hair and shoes, too, but is not shown above* Guarded Teen has several other ensembles for the same price and come with just as much! Last, but certainly not least, the super awesome Sonata boots are a new release from Dilly Dolls and they too are only 75L a pop!! Lv these products!

TP to Dark Mouse ... TP to Change ... TP to Guarded Teens ... TP to Dilly Dolls

Luv Ya, Tekila V.

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