Sunday, March 8, 2009

* A Splash of Kiwi *

Ivori Pera, designer & owner of Kiwi, has a new store! Kiwi is one of the first stores I ever shopped at many SL moons ago. I am pleased to see Kiwi is still around & doing well. Here a few of the newer items out at the store! I will be reviewing them - again, no pictures have been doctored.

First Up: Julien Gown in Blue
Radiance: one word to describe the Julien Gown. It comes with a jacket & pant layer and a long flexi skirt. The empire waist finished off with the contoures of the tube top accentuates the overall fit on any avatar body type. The complimentary Spring colors of green and blue are well blended throught the outfit, moreso along a faint cheetah-like pattern on the skirt. The slit in the front offers a peekaboo effect at the legs, stopping at the bottom of the one piece underneath, which can still be seen throught the subtly sheer designed skirt. Truth be told, I received many compliments about this particular gown. It is quite eye-catching with close-up detail quality to boot!

Second Up: Pearly Gown in Cream
If the Pearly Gown was an M&M, I'm pretty sure it would melt in my mouth. . .From the cuts, to the beaded detail against the nude material chosen for this particular outfit, everything comes together. The Pearly Gown comes in a shirt & pant layer, along with the long flexi skirt shown. The skirt is not modifable, perhaps the only request I would put in for this outfit. Modifying the skirt would allow different avatar body types to fit the skirt to their slider measurements more accurately. More about the gown itself: it's elegant. One thing I'm noticing about Kiwi's gowns is the subtle hints of sexiness while still keeping it classy and mature. The cleavage line on this dress reveals just enough of the breasts to lead the eyes further down to the clasp. Again, this is an empire waist dress, OR one could think of it as a long skirted babydoll dress. The cream color is complimented nicely by the flesh-colored upper half, which, from a distance, gives the perception of a nude upper half graced by the beaded work only. The wavy cut of the bottom of the skirt gives flow to a dress, even when in a static position. Overall, this seamless gown is a must have.

Third Up: Bella Outfit in Gold
Bella is one of Ivori's latest outfits. It's a fun, party girl type of outfit. The cuts in the top are very much unique. I especially love the shimmering texture of the top and pants - it gives a liquifying feel of sorts. The top is especially sexy. It looks wet and thin straps cross past the upper body. The pants have a thick belt on them and come in the same color as the pants. It also comes with two prims to give the regular skinny jeans look a more flared out feel. This outfit would be great for anyone who loves the club type scene.

Last but not Least: Marie Sweater & Boots with scarf & legwarmers
I decided to mix it up a bit with the Marie-like items! First off, you can either wear a scarf or a full half sweater. The sweater is made of prims - there are no clothing layers to wear. Clothing like this is becomming more common in SL. There is a slight drawback when wearing prims - if someone has his/her draw distance set low, the prims disappear to only then reveal whatever you have underneath (which can sometimes be nothing so your bits will show!). The scarf is amazing. The folds are very realistic and the textures used throughoutt the Marie sweater items are all very high quality (not pixelated) and realistic looking. The legwarmers are modifiable, as well as the shoes. The shoes for the Marie line look like snow shoes but the textures for the foot part could be a little better to match the quality of the rest of the line. The versatile pants in this outfit are from the Bella outfit!

You can check out all pictures in full size at my flickr site!

And, you can also follow Ivori's personal stream here

luv, tekila vella

Next: Skinssssss! *mmm* Stay tuned :)

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