Sunday, March 22, 2009

*Mai Skins*

Fresh faces are popping up around the grid in time to start off the Spring season. With many notable and established skin designers out there - it can be hard to find a skin that everyone and their SL moms isn't wearing! That is. . .until I came across a shop called Mai. Designer, MiraSonia Demina has a new collection of skins out, in tones named after the phases of the day. I am very impressed with the great amount of detail that has gone into making Demina's latest collection. It is quite refreshing to see the amount of artistry in this new line called, Mia. I have reviewed two different tones in the Mia collection.

First: Mia Sunrise Skin in Vol. (click here for full size)

Fresh, Gorgeous, Highly detailed and exotic are just a few words that immediately come to mind after putting the Mia Sunrise Vol. 6 skin on for the first time. The makeup is a mix of Spring colors, but not overly done. There's this hint of natural beauty while closely looking over the facial detail. Mia offers full lips, a defined nose and eyes that can catch anyone elses. Further examining, the detail of the breasts and stomach have a very natural flow, as well. There are no signs of seams on the sides or below the navel. The ribs are not showing as much as other skins show - so this skin does not make you look like you have starved you're entire SL life! The legs and hands are also considered. Not only do the front of the knees get definition through careful shading, but also the backs of the knees, too! The fine lines and notches from underlying bones appear to have been carefully considered of their placement during the making of Mia. There's even cute dimples on the lower back (not pictured)! The Mia skin appears athletic with an undeniable sex appeal to boot.

Last: Mia skin in Sunset in Vol. 3

This particular tone is darker, more ebony-like. Ebony skins can sometimes look too orange. However, Mia in Sunset appears to have a more realistic dark brown skin color with soft hints of a rosey pink. The makeup around the eyes is done in the smokey effect - a very dramatic way to make the eyes stand out - and that they do! The lips are a light pink, full and pouty. The blush is subtle. The body is very well detailed as much as the Mia in Sunrise is, highlighted in the right places - making this a very nice pick for a darker tone!

The Mia skins come in two types: one with hair and one bald. MiraSonia has also provided two types of lashes and a face light. There are several more makeups in the Mia collection, again these were two that I chose to show - a very hard choice as there were many great makeup combinations! I am finding that Mira must have many other talents that I am sure we can all follow and see in the future. Along with skins she creats dashing realistic eyes that have a realistic glare in them. The eyes worn here are free at Mai. The black panties and black top are also a lingerie set you can find for free amongst the other goodies.

TP to Mai

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