Thursday, July 3, 2014

Manga, Manga!

SL's first EVER Manga Fair is officially open! There's dozens of Kawaii-inspired items exclusively for sale at this event. What do I mean by Kawaii - I mean anything cute, of course! Check out a few of those items below:
Manga Fair 2.1
  • Outfit by Lolita - Farrah Romper (pink), comes in several colors; high-quality mesh!
  • Wings by .PANIK. - Kawaii Wings in Rose
  • Tights by BabyDoll - Leo in pink
  • Heels by TCS - Brooklyn II
  • Also shown: hair by truth, skin by Essences (currently free in-store)
For more on the Manga Fair, visit their official site!

Happy shopping ;)
.lv tekila v.


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