Saturday, June 21, 2014

Free Fitted Mesh Body!!

Finally, the time has come...The Shops, "The Mesh Project," has just released a free, high-definition, modifiable mesh female body, including hands and feet! It comes with 36 tones and neck faders are also available for non-mesh head wearers - for free ;)

This is all part of their Beta Concepts, giving more to the average Second Life player to play with! Making an avatar truly customizeable on the next level. There's also a dress with heels that you can donate toward owning at your own discretion:

The Mesh Project Beta Donation Gifts
Thank you to The Shops creators for bringing such a huge gift to Second Life! Again proving why I love this game so much - the push for creativity and the selflessness others show to one another on here. Thank you!

Before you TP to buy the gifts for free, you must wear their shopping hud! You can find the hud here and the mesh and donation items here.

Happy shopping SL!

Love, Tekila V.

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