Sunday, March 23, 2014


What a year it has been! And, what an event better than Skin Fair? This is the best year for number of participants, so if you've been looking/needing/wanting a skin upgrade, then this event is for you. It's only here for one more week. There's 3 sims of creators to browse and shop from.

Here is my final picks of this marvelous and wonderful experience:
The Plastik by Aikea Rieko

Plastik Skins Plastik WS Skins
  • Astrali in tyvalo, jaxis and gyatala
-Comes in 4 tones: (tyvalo not shown)
-24 makeup layers
-10 Slink Nailpolishes
-8 eyebrow shapers
-5 Face makeup enhancers: eyebrows; gloss; shadows

[LoveMe] Skins by June Salmson

LoveMe skins
LoveMe Skins WS

  • Amber and Kimberly, tan and deep tan
-3 skins each; light/dark brows and lipstick option
-Makeup layers: cleavage options and beauty marks
-Shape included, modifiable
-Exclusive to Skin Fair 2014
-Appliers Available: Slink hands and feet

There are so many more places that are definitely a must-see! So be sure to check out the event while it lasts. 

For maps and more, just head to the official Skin Fair 2014 website.

Love you all, happy de-scripting - muahs!
lv, tekila v.

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